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CIS 35


Spring 2019 schedule
Week Date Lecture
1 01/28

(GDW 1) The Role of the Game Designer
(GDW 2) The Structure of Games
(GDW 3) Working with Formal Elements

Course Introduction and Website, class discussion, Textbooks, Self-Introductions

[Exercise 1 assigned]
(Select a game tht someone else also selects)

[Exercise 1 due]
[Exercise 2 In-class]

[Exercise 3 assigned]
[Exercise 4 assigned]
[Exercise 5 assigned]

2 02/04

(GDW 4) Working with Dramatic Elements
(GDW 5) Working with System Dynamics
(GDW 6) Conceptualization

Class votes: Unity Version
about "The Pitch"
Installing Git
basic Git configuration
Free (or Personal?) GitHub account

[Exercise 3 due]

[Exercise 6 assigned]

[Exercise 4 due]
[Exercise 5 due]
[Exercise 7 assigned]
[Exercise 8 In-class]

"The Pitch"

3 02/11

(GDW 7) Prototyping
(GDW 8) Digital Prototyping
(GDW 9) Playtesting
(UIA 1) Getting to Know Unity

introduction to Unity and "Hello World"

[Exercise 6 due]
[Exercise 7 due]

Formation of Project Teams

[Excercise 9 due]

4 02/18
(GDW 10) Functionality, Completeness, and Balance
(GDW 11) Fun and Accessibility
(UIA 2) building a demo that puts you in 3D space
(UIA 3) adding enemies and projectiles to the 3D game

Monday, February 18th is a holiday
(no class meeting)

Legacy Example:

[ Exercise 10 due]

5 02/25

(GDW 12) Team Structures
(GDW 13) Stages and Methods of Development
(UIA 3) adding enemies and projectiles to the 3D game

Demo Program after 02/25/19 class
GitHub Project Link for Unity Project after 02/27/19 class

M: [Exercise 11 Due]
W: [Exercise 12 Due]

Textures for 3d demo
3d Assets and particle system image


6 03/04

(GDW 14) Communicating Your Design
(GDW 15) Understanding the New Game Industry
(GDW 16) Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to the Game Industry
(UIA 4) Developing graphics for your game
(UIA 5) Building a Memory game ...
(UIA 6) 2D GUI in a 3D game

Last Semester fps demo with graphics and sound etc.

GitHub link for 2D project Set Solitaire

CH05: Graphics for 2d card match game

Graphics for 2d GUI

GitHub: Unity 2d Card Game Textbook class demo

GitHub: Unity 2d Textbook Platformer


C# Messenger Extended

7 03/11

(UIA 7) 3rd Person 3D Game: Movement and Animation

UIA Textbook - Chapter 2 Files
UIA Textbook - Chapter 7 Files

(UIA 8) ... Adding Interactive Devices and Items...

UIA Textbook - Chapter 7 Files
UIA Textbook - Chapter 8 Files

Project Check-in (week 7)
Physical Protype or project shell

8 03/18

(UIA 12) Deploying to Devices

M: Unity for iOS; demonstration project
based on Ray Wederlich tutorial and
YouTube: Touch Joysticks tutorial and
Unity Docs: Building to iOS for testing

W: Unity for Android; demonstration project

Project Check-in (week 8)
First Demonstration

9 03/25

Spring Break—no classes held

10 04/01

(UIA 10) Audio: Sound Effects and Music

Chapter 10 example program (.zip)

working with iOS Game Controllers
About Game Controllers (Apple)
Input Manager
Unity 5.5 documentation for iOS Game Controllers

Project Check-in (week 10)
previous and next steps

11 04/08

(UIA 11) "putting the parts together"
Chapter 11 example program

Mobile Device Input
Unity Tutorials: Mobile & Touch

Scene Auto-Loader (Editor folder)
Unity tutorial video: Data Persistance (50 minutes)
Unity documentation: PlayerPrefs (persistance)

Unity Asset Store: Dice Pack Lite
Using the accelerometer to detect a shake

Project Check-in (week 11)
previous and next steps

12 04/15

(UIA 9) Connecting your game to the Internet

Chapter 9 example program
Blended Skybox script -- Unify Community
Shaders Overview (Unity Docs)
Unity scripting reference: WWW class
Mini JSON parser (Github)

Unity: Legacy Network Reference Guide
Unity: Multiplayer and Networking

XAMPP PHP development environment

Unity Tutorial: "Overloading" swipe for
Horizontal and Vertical movement

Input.GetTouch examples
Input class Script Reference

TakeANote (example project)

Project Check-in (week 12)
first full draft of project

13 04/22


Project Check-in (week 13)
previous and next steps

14 04/29

Project Check-in (week 14)
previous and next steps

15 05/06

Project Check-in (week 15)
previous and next steps

Project Major Feature-Complete Final Draft due

16 05/13

M and W: user group playtesting and feedback, Q/A
17 05/22

Final Presenation and Project turn-in
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2:30pm - 3:50pm


  • Your Project (URL to GitHub project)
  • A short presentation of your project (project demo & description, highlights of project and process)
  • A summary of feedback recieved during testing -- what changes did you make? (or not make) and why
  • turn-in paperwork from user testing
  • email me with your completed lab hours

This schedule is subject to change.