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CIS 35


Spring 2017 schedule
Week Date Lecture
1 01/28

(GDW 1) The Role of the Game Designer
(GDW 2) The Structure of Games
(GDW 3) Working with Formal Elements

Course Introduction and Website, class discussion, Textbooks, Self-Introductions

[Exercise 1 assigned]
(Select a game tht someone else also selects)

[Exercise 1 due]
[Exercise 2 In-class]

[Exercise 3 assigned]
[Exercise 4 assigned]
[Exercise 5 assigned]

2 02/04

(GDW 4) Working with Dramatic Elements
(GDW 5) Working with System Dynamics
(GDW 6) Conceptualization

Class votes: Unity Version
about "The Pitch"
Installing Git
basic Git configuration
Free (or Personal?) GitHub account

[Exercise 3 due]

[Exercise 6 assigned]

[Exercise 4 due]
[Exercise 5 due]
[Exercise 7 assigned]
[Exercise 8 In-class]

"The Pitch"

3 02/11

(GDW 7) Prototyping
(GDW 8) Digital Prototyping
(GDW 9) Playtesting
(UIA 1) Getting to Know Unity

introduction to Unity and "Hello World"

[Exercise 6 due]
[Exercise 7 due]

Formation of Project Teams

[Excercise 9 due]

4 02/18
(GDW 10) Functionality, Completeness, and Balance
(GDW 11) Fun and Accessibility
(UIA 2) building a demo that puts you in 3D space
(UIA 3) adding enemies and projectiles to the 3D game

Monday, February 18th is a holiday
(no class meeting)

Legacy Example:

[ Exercise 10 due]

5 02/25

(GDW 12) Team Structures
(GDW 13) Stages and Methods of Development
(UIA 4) Developing graphics for your game

M: [Exercise 11 Due]
W: [Exercise 12 Due]

Textures for 3d demo
3d Assets and particle system image


6 03/04

(GDW 14) Communicating Your Design
(GDW 15) Understanding the New Game Industry
(GDW 16) Selling Yourself and Your Ideas to the Game Industry
(UIA 5) Building a Memory game ...
(UIA 6) 2D GUI in a 3D game

GitHub link for 2D project Set Solitaire

GitHub Link for 3D fps project

Graphics for 2d GUI

C# Messenger Extended

7 03/11

(UIA 7) 3rd Person 3D Game: Movement and Animation

UIA Textbook - Chapter 2 Files
UIA Textbook - Chapter 7 Files

(UIA 8) ... Adding Interactive Devices and Items...

UIA Textbook - Chapter 7 Files
UIA Textbook - Chapter 8 Files

Project Check-in (week 7)
Physical Protype or project shell

8 03/18

(UIA 12) Deploying to Devices

M: Unity for iOS; demonstration project
based on Ray Wederlich tutorial and
YouTube: Touch Joysticks tutorial and
Unity Docs: Building to iOS for testing

W: Unity for Android; demonstration project

Project Check-in (week 8)
First Demonstration

9 03/25

Spring Break—no classes held

10 04/01

(UIA 10) Audio: Sound Effects and Music

Chapter 10 example program (.zip)

working with iOS Game Controllers
About Game Controllers (Apple)
Input Manager
Unity 5.5 documentation for iOS Game Controllers

Project Check-in (week 10)
previous and next steps

11 04/08

(UIA 11) "putting the parts together"
Chapter 11 example program

Mobile Device Input
Unity Tutorials: Mobile & Touch

Scene Auto-Loader (Editor folder)
Unity tutorial video: Data Persistance (50 minutes)
Unity documentation: PlayerPrefs (persistance)

Unity Asset Store: Dice Pack Lite
Using the accelerometer to detect a shake

Project Check-in (week 11)
previous and next steps

12 04/15

(UIA 9) Connecting your game to the Internet

Chapter 9 example program
Blended Skybox script -- Unify Community
Shaders Overview (Unity Docs)
Unity scripting reference: WWW class
Mini JSON parser (Github)

Unity: Legacy Network Reference Guide
Unity: Multiplayer and Networking

XAMPP PHP development environment

Unity Tutorial: "Overloading" swipe for
Horizontal and Vertical movement

Input.GetTouch examples
Input class Script Reference

TakeANote (example project)

Project Check-in (week 12)
first full draft of project

13 04/22


Project Check-in (week 13)
previous and next steps

14 04/29

Project Check-in (week 14)
previous and next steps

15 05/06

Project Check-in (week 15)
previous and next steps

Project Major Feature-Complete Final Draft due

16 05/13

M and W: user group playtesting and feedback, Q/A
17 05/22

Final Presenation and Project turn-in
Wednesday, May 22nd, 1:00pm - 3:50pm


  • Your Project (URL to GitHub project)
  • A short presentation of your project (project demo & description, highlights of project and process)
  • A summary of feedback recieved during testing -- what changes did you make? (or not make) and why
  • turn-in paperwork from user testing
  • email me with your completed lab hours

This schedule is subject to change.