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CS 19


Fall 2015 schedule
Week Date Lecture
1 09/02 course introduction, discussion of the first programming assignment, working in a remote command-line linux environment (ssh, bash, emacs, gcc), STDIN, STDOUT, and redirection, Helloworld C++ program
2 09/09 (1) C++ basics, (2) Control Flow, (3) Function Basics
3 09/16 (4) Parameters and Overloading, (5) Arrays, (6) Structures and Classes, default parameters, function overloading, passing arrays, structures
Command Line Arguments
4 09/23 (6) Structures and Classes, (7) Constructors
5 09/30 (8) Operator Overloading, Friends, References, (9) Strings, (11) Seperate Compilation and Namespaces, Object Composition
6 10/07
7 10/14 (10) Pointers and Dynamic Arrays, (12) Streams and File I/O, (13) Recursion

Sample Midterm Question

Review (by request), catch-up, etc.

8 10/21 Midterm Exam (written exam, closed book)
9 10/28 Introduction to Linked Lists (without Templates) images:
10 11/04

Midterm Exam Review and Sample Solutions

the meeting that I was scheduled to attend on April 9th has been cancelled I will hold class that day, but I will discuss non-essential/optional/extra material in case you can't attend class.

(continuing with Linked Lists)
(14) Inheritance, (15) Polymorphism and Virtual Functions

11 11/11 (continuing with Inheritance and Polymorphism)
(16) Templates
12 11/18 (17) Linked List Data Structures with Templates and Inheriatance, Stacks and Queues
13 11/25 brief introduction to gdb—the GNU debugger, command line (shell) arguments, first look at the STL (19) Standard Template Library C++11
14 11/02 Review and Special Topics
15 11/09 Final Exam (open book, lab practical)
(meets in CTC 1400 both days)
16 TBA

Final Exam Review, Discussion, and Sample Solutions

This schedule is subject to change.