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Contact Me

email: s-t-e-v-e-AT-s-t-e-v-e-h-DOT-n-e-t

I'm happy to discuss anything related to our class and computers including past or future assignments, exams, class topics, other areas of Computer Science, or ethics and social implications of computer technology. If you are falling behind in class, or don't understand one or more topics, please get in touch with me so that I can help you!

I am available during my posted office hours for individual and small-group work. I also have weekly lab hours in the CTC and the STEM Center, where you can use the computers and get help over an extended time period. You can drop by my office (826 d) at any time—if I can, I will help you any time I'm there. You can also get in touch with me via the phone or email. My phone has a voice mail which I check weekly. A much better way to contact me is via email. While school is in session, I check my email several times a day, including weekends and holidays.

I receive dozens of emails every day. Help me answer your email in a timely manner by listing your class name and concise topic in the subject line.

Please help me prevent spam by not adding my name to any mailing lists or signing me up with any websites or Internet services. Don't use my address for any purpose other than to contact me. I occasionally change my email address—you can always check this page for the current address.

Rules for email assignment submission

If you are in a class where you will be emailing me assignments, you are required to follow the guidelines for subject line and message body. You must copy yourself ("CC") on each submission. You are required to inspect the returned email to ensure that it is correct. You are required to save the email for the entire semester in case there is a problem with your submission. The body of the email should have your full name, the class and the assignment number.

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