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Music Fundamentals Online (MUS 6)

Homework Assignments


You will have five kinds of homework assignments for MUS 6:

1. Weekly Readings - completed in the Learning Modules
2. Weekly Quizzes - completed in Quizzes
3. Proficiency Exams - completed in Quizzes
4. Practica Musica Activities - completed in Practica Musica
5. Miscellaneous assignments - completed by hand on staff paper

The class week begins on Mondays and all Quizzes, Homework Assignments are due the following Monday 9 am (PST). To receive full credit, all assignments must be completed and submitted by the due date. Late submissions and incomplete assignments will automatically have a reduction of points. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Learning to read and understand music, like any language, requires regular and consistent practice. Expect to spend an average of 7-10 hours per week working on the course; this is the equivalent to spending 3 hours in the classroom (reading the course "lectures" in the Learning Modules) plus 4-7 hours per week completing the homework assignments.

If you work with the material on a daily basis you are more likely to gain a better understanding and retain what you learn than if you wait until Sunday afternoon every week. It is very important that you complete all the assignments on a timely basis as you are continually building upon your understanding from a foundation of previously learned concepts and skills. If you fall too far behind it is very difficult to catch up.

You are required to log into the class at least 2 times a week. The class week begins on Monday and runs through Sunday.