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Fall 2017

Math 152 Online

Class Orientation

There is a mandatory in-person orientation on Sunday, August 27th 3-4pm at the Watsonville campus (room to be determined). Note that there is a typo of this date in the Schedule of Classes! Students who don't show up for the orientation will be dropped from the class to give room to students on the wait list (unless other arrangements have been made with me prior).

Please read through all posted information:


*Schedule (I suggest you print out this schedule)

*Getting Started with MyLab and Mastering

*Written Homework Rules


Required Course Material

1. Access to a PC or Mac computer that is ready to be used for the entire semester.

2. Your own valid email account that is not shared with anyone else.

3. A Scientific Calculator.

4. Access to the course website (Coursecompass/MyMathLab).
You can buy access straight from, for the cost of $109.95. This includes an e-book, tutorial videos, the online homework, discussion board, etc. Or, you can buy an access code from
the bookstore ISBN 9780321199911 ($132.00at Cabrillo Bookstore, and this cannot be returned once package has been opened).

Hard Copy of the text is optional: Intermediate Algebra for College Students, 6th Edition, by Blitzer, either ISBN: 9781269389426  (Cabrillo custom copy) or ISBN: 9780321758934 (non-custom copy).

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Do I ever have to come to campus?
A:Yes, we have five in-class exams scheduled for the semester, on
9/20, 10/11, 11/8, and 11/29 from 6:00PM-8:00PM in Room WatA280 and final exam on 12/13 from 6:00PM-8:50PM at the Watsonville Campus.

Q: What if I can't take an exam during the scheduled hours?
A: Then we can make arrangements for you to take the exam at an earlier time, such as earlier that day or the day before. You may also take the exam at a proctoring center elsewhere if that would work better for you.

Q: Is this a self-paced class?
A: No, there are homework and exam deadlines throughout the course. Although you can certainly work ahead on the homework.

Q: Should I take an online class or should I sign up for a regular in-class course?
A: An online math class is not for everyone. An online math class is right for you IF you are motivated and self-disciplined, have good study habits and work well without supervision, are a self-starter and a good reader. You also need to make sure you have adequate time set aside for this class, which will require at least 15 hours per week (this is one whole year of high school algebra condenced into 16 weeks). Many students need to put in a lot more than 15 hours per week to be successful.

You can pass this course, but you are not likely to pass if you make the following choices:

  • Reading and studying in a cursory rather than careful manner
  • Taking too many units relative to your work and family obligations
  • Working too many hours relative to your college and family obligations
  • Not asking for help (from your instructor and math tutors) when you are confused
  • Not having a reliable computer, printer, and internet access
  • Not finishing homework assignments
  • Not studying homework answers and comparing them to your own work to observe your misunderstandings
  • Not working with your instructor and tutors to erase your misunderstandings

If you anticipate that these choices will apply to you this semester, don't take your math class online. You need the discipline of a regular on-campus in-person math class.