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The Academy for College Excellence

Contact Information

Phone: 831.477.3340
Location: Learning Communities Center, Room 501, in the 500 Building. 6500 Soquel Ave Aptos, CA 95003
Hours: Mon-Friday, 9am-4pm
Program Specialist Leah Resendez, 831.477.3341

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get enrolled in ACE?

  1. Sign up for ACE here (We will contact you to assist with any of the following steps)
  2. Fill out the Cabrillo College Online Application
  3. Submit financial aid (FAFSA) application online
  4. Complete Cabrillo College Orientation (print or take photo on smartphone as proof of completion)
  5. Take Cabrillo College Assessment (bring proof of completed orientation and picture identification)

What does ACE cost?

There is no additional fee for the ACE program. Cost is the same at attending Cabrillo full time and is based on number of units. Financial aid can lower or eliminate the cost of attending college. We highly recommend applying for Financial aid.

Can I work full time and still do the ACE program?

We do not recommend trying to work while enrolled in ACE. Being a full time college student is a big time commitment, and most students have difficulty doing both. Financial aid can lower or eliminate the cost of attending college. We highly recommend applying for Financial aid.

I have already enrolled in all my classes. Can I still do ACE?

ACE gives you a package of preset classes. If you realize that ACE is your next step, then we will help you drop any other classes you have previously registered for, and then we will enroll you in ACE classes.

I’m interested in ACE. How do I get more information?

You can schedule an appointment with our staff to sit down and discuss the program one on one. We can answer your questions and see if ACE works for you. Contact the Learning Communities Center at 831.477.3340 or

I’m coming back to school after a long time. Would ACE be a good program for me?

Absolutely. Students who are coming back to school after years or even decades have found great success in ACE. ACE helps transition students back into the classroom by providing the skills and confidence necessary for college success.

I’m going to school part time. Can I do ACE?

ACE is a full time program. If you cannot commit to full time status (12 or more units) then you are not eligible for ACE.

What are the requirements for doing the ACE program?

You must be able to commit to full time status (12 or more units). You must also take the Cabrillo assessment and place into English 255/English 100 or higher. If you would like to do an ACE program that offers a Math class, then you must assess into Math 154/Math 112 or higher.

Can I just take one or two classes from the program, rather than all of the classes offered?

No. ACE offers a package of classes that must be taken together.

I have taken classes at Cabrillo before. Can I enroll in ACE right now?

Yes, but you must have a current Cabrillo application to enroll in ACE. Applications expire every semester if a student is not a returning student.

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