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Final Project Information

Required Project Paper

All CWEE students are required to complete a final project paper summarizing their work experience. The criteria for this final paper are below. This paper will be submitted at the end of the semester with the rest of the required paperwork.

Journal (optional)

Keep a journal of activities at your work site. The daily journal can be handwritten in a "diary" format, or typed and saved on your computer. The date of each entry must be noted. The journal might include your actual job functions; observations you make about your work, work site, co-workers, and supervisory personnel; new directions the company is taking; or personal growth opportunities for you as an employee. Keep tuned into your tasks and what's going on about you.

Final Summary Report

Prior to the due date, re-read your journal entries and write a summary report evaluating your job experiences based on the SCANS criteria listed below. Additional requirements for the report:

  • Typewritten or computer prepared
  • Cover page -- your name, your CWEE class and section, your CWEE Instructor's name
  • Minimum of three pages [not including cover page]; report format [double spaced; use 12 pt. font, maximum margins 1" top, bottom, left, and right]
  • Short introductory statement/paragraph describing the company, its services or products, and your job. Remainder of document answers the questions listed below.


How did I allocate my time, materials and equipment to completing the tasks I was assigned to do?

Interpersonal skills:

How did I contribute to the success of the company in working with others, participating in discussions and understanding the diversity of people's backgrounds?


What new information and skills did I acquire and how can I transfer this knowledge to future situations?

Basic skills:

What opportunities did I have to progress in my reading, writing, math, speaking and listening skills?

Thinking skills:

How did I think creatively, solve problems or troubleshoot situations to benefit myself or the company?

Personal qualities:

How did I accept individual responsibility, exhibit self-management, socialize, increase my self-esteem, and build integrity while working?




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