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Student Support

There are several scholarships available for ECE majors. There is also tuition reimbursement available for a number of ECE students who are working in licensed programs or Family Child Care Homes. This funding is available through the Child Development Consortium. Applications are available in every ECE course during the first two weeks of classes each semester.

For more information about scholarships and financial aid at Cabrillo College visit the Financial Aid Department.

Academic Support for Student Success

Taking college courses is a major investment of your time, money, and energy. Getting the most out of those courses requires time and effort and a wide variety of skills. Many of us find ourselves with high hopes and strong motivation, but without the skills we really need to do our best and get the most out of our college experience.

Cabrillo offers a number of excellent, free support services. If your writing skills are weak, or if it has been a long time since you have taken a college class, if English is not your primary language, or if you just want some help polishing your essays, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the support services available at Cabrillo. Your time is precious. Get the help you need to do as well as you can. For a full listing of resources visit the Resources page.

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides drop-in tutoring in both the Writing Center and ESL (English As a Second Language) lab, as well as individual and group labs for credit. We have labs that provide practice in composition, grammar and mechanics. The Writing Center staff facilitates English 290, English 250 and English 100L, the lab required for English 100 students. Students who want tutoring on their writing assignments must enroll in a Writing Center lab. We offer two no-credit, no-cost labs: English 502L and ESL 502 .To enroll in one of these labs for drop-in tutoring at the Writing Center, students must be referred by an instructor. Students may also receive credit for working with tutors by enrolling in ESL 200L, 201L, 202L, 203L, and 204L for 1/2 or 1 unit.
For more information please call (831) 479-6319.


Free tutors are available to students in certain vocational programs including Early Childhood Education. They will work with you for two hours a week to help you understand the text, study for the exams, and to understand and re-write assignments. Let your faculty instructor know that you wish tutorial assistance.


Any student who speaks English as a second language is eligible for this tutorial program located in Room 1060 of the Learning Resources Center on the Aptos campus, or in the Integrated Learning Center, Room 4410 on the Watsonville campus. Students can receive individual help with reading and/or writing assignments.
For information please call (831) 479-5790 (Aptos) or (831) 477-5155 (Watsonville.)

Reading Center

To receive help with reading skills, you can register for any one of several Reading courses, including individualized courses based on your particular needs.
The staff is available in Room 1063 (behind the library).
For information please call (831) 479-6176.

Study Groups

One of the best ways to do well in college courses is to have people you study with every week. Ask in class if there are others who would be willing to meet with you for even an hour (although several hours is better) to go over the reading, discuss ideas, proof-read each others' papers etc.

Instructor Office Hours

All your instructors have office hours when you can drop in without an appointment. Most instructors will happily make an appointment with you for other meeting times as well. ASK QUESTIONS. If you don’t understand an idea, or an assignment, if you are struggling with the text, ASK FOR HELP. Don’t wait until you are far behind. Get help right away. Everyone at Cabrillo wants you to do well.

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