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Contact Information

Department Chair: Barbara Johnson
Program Coordinator Elissa Kurk
Program Office Email: maoffice
Phone: (831) 479-6430
Location: HW 2135
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Medical Assisting Program FAQs

General Questions

Is the Accelerated Medical Assisting Program (AMAP) the same thing as the medical assisting program?


Are there any medical assisting classes I can take if I am a part-time student?

Yes. MA70 - Medical Terminology; MA130A/B/AL – Phlebotomy [link to Phlebotomy page]

Application and Selection Process

Is there an application process for the medical assisting program?

Yes. Students can apply to the medical assisting program during the open application cycle. Students are accepted into the program twice a year in November for the Spring semester and in April for the Fall semester.

Are there prerequisite courses that I need to complete before I apply to the medical assisting program?

Yes. MA70 – Medical Terminology AND ENG 1A or the equivalent course

If I apply to the medical assisting program, will I automatically be accepted?

No. We only are able to accept 30-35 students per semester.

How are students selected for the medical assisting program?

In order to be eligible for selection, a student must apply and attend a mandatory orientation. Students who attend the mandatory orientation are entered into a computer-generated random selection process. Only 30-35 students will be accepted into the program per semester. If a student is not selected, they will need to reapply for the next semester.

Is there a waitlist for the medical assisting program?


Will I need to apply more than once?

Yes. If you apply and are not selected by the computer-generated random selection process at the mandatory orientation you will need to reapply for the next semester.

While in the Program

Can I take classes one at a time?

No. The medical assisting program is a full-time program. Students are required to be on campus Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Will I have to take classes in the summer?


How long does it take to complete the medical assisting program?

Three semesters.

For Phlebotomy Program FAQs please follow this link:


More Questions?

Read the California Medical Board’s answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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