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Welcome to the Theater Arts Department.


About Theater Arts Program and Classes

The study of Theatre Arts/Drama requires creative technical and performance skills that benefit students in their individual relationships with others in social and artistic environments. Students selecting to major and minor in Theatre Arts/Drama frequently choose this area of study for three reasons: (1) to enter the professional fields of theatre, film, televi- sion, radio, and modeling; (2) to enter communication fields in teaching, business, industry and law; (3) to pursue personal goals or leisure activ- ity in community events.

Opportunities for careers in theatre arts/drama are found in acting, theatre lighting, costume design, set production, scenery design, scene painting, television production, theatre production management, stage management, teaching and directing






Theatre Arts Auditions

for Fall Production of

It's A Wonderful Life

Available roles

George Bailey: The main character. Must play age 20-35. High baritone/tenor.
Mary Hatch Bailey: Legit soprano. Age 20-30. George’s wife.
Mr. Potter: High baritone/tenor.  Age 40-60.   A ruthless banker.
Bert: Baritone. Local beat patrolman and friend of George.
Ernie: Tenor. Local taxi driver friend of George and Bert.
Annie: Mezzo/Alto. Bailey family friend and Mary’s confident.
Violet: Middle voice/ belt. Local femme fatale.
Nicki: Belt high E. Bartender
Frankie: Male/low baritone or female/low alto. A blind

street musician.
Uncle Billy: Character actor. Age 40-60.
Mr. Gower: Age 40-50

Children’s roles: Janie- age 11; Tommie- age 9; Zuzu- age 5
Teen roles: Young Mary, Young Violet, Young George, Young Sam

Many additional roles will be cast from the ensemble including: Mother Bailey,
Peter Bailey (George’s dad), Aunt Tillie, various Bedford Falls townspeople and
the Angel Gospel chorus.


General Auditions: Tues-Thurs, September 1-3
6:30pm-9:00pm, Crocker Theater

Call-Back Auditions: Friday, September 4
6:30pm-9:00pm, Crocker Theater

Be prepared to sing and dance.
Bring sheet music for the pianist and clothes/shoes
you can move in. A monologue may be requested.




















Contact Information
Theater Arts Department

Skip Epperson &

Sarah Albertson

Phone 831.479.6168
Location Room 4107,
Crocker Theater

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