Accounting and Finance

Certificates and Degrees

Accounting and Finance graduates may be involved in recording business transactions, constructing financial statements, preparing budgets and tax returns, auditing financial records, advising businesses, and working for government and not-for-profit agencies, to name just a few opportunities. The program encompasses classroom instruction and extensive hands-on application with both manual and computerized accounting systems.

The certificates and Associate Degrees offered prepare students for successful business careers by providing them with crucial skills, knowledge, and judgment. Classes are taught by faculty with high-quality, real-world experience.

Each certificate and degree has different requirements. The core courses for each degree and certificate are listed here:

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Counselors are available to assist you with the certificate or degree that is right for you in meeting your career goals. They will also work with transfer students to provide a road map to articulating courses to institutions that you identify as the next step in achieving your educational goals.

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