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Our program offers skills training essential for the field of biotech. The Skills Certificate and Certificate of Achievement provide students with the skills needed for today's in demand jobs.

Our faculty has both teaching experience combined with real-world experience in industry. This specially trained faculty has put together a curriculum that provides opportunities to learn general laboratory procedures, laboratory safety, how to record and analyze data, perform basic calculations, and write laboratory documents.

Technician jobs can be found in environmental testing labs, forensic labs, hospitals, plant culturing labs, research labs, and food industry such as dairy, breweries and wineries.

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Skills Certificate


After the successful completion of the prerequisites, only a total of nine units are required for the Skills Certificate:

  • CG 51 (College Success) or CG 54 (Careers and Lifestyles), 1 unit

  • Bio 41T, Biotechnology Fundamentals, 4 units

  • Bio 42T, Advanced Biotechnology, 4 units

  • Total of 9 Units

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Possible Skills Certificate Sequence

1 Year - 3 classes


BIO 41T - Biotechnology Fundamentals • 4 Units

CG 51 or CG 54 - College Success or Careers and Lifestyles • 1 Unit


BIO 42T - Advanced Biotechnology • 4 Units


9 Units

Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is similar to the Skills Certificate, but it is geared for students wishing to transfer. In addition to the proficiency gained from the Skills Certificate, students will acquire a deeper set of skills that are useful toward their future B.S. degree.

After the prerequisites have been completed, a total of 23 units, taken over two years, are required for the Certificate of Achievement.

These courses should be taken in the following sequence:

  • Chem 1A, General Chemistry • 5 units

  • Bio 9A, Molecular, Cellular, and Animal Biology • 5 units

  • Bio 41T, Biotechnology Fundamentals • 4 units

  • Chem 1B General Chemistry II • 5 units

  • Bio 42T, Advanced Biotechnology • 4 units

  • Total of 23 Units

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Possible Achievement Certificate Sequence

Year 1 - 4 classes


Chem 1A - General Chemistry - 5 Units


BIO 9A - Advanced Biotechnology - 4 Units

CHEM 1B - General Chemistry II - 5 Units



Year 2 - 2 classes


BIO 41T - Biotechnology Fundamentals - 4 Units


BIO 42T - Advanced Biotechnology - 4 Units




Prior to starting the Biotechnology program for either the Skills Certificate or the Certificate of Achievement, there are necessary prerequisites.

Chemistry Prereqs:

The equivalent of 1 year of high school chemistry or 1 semester of college chemistry with lab (e.g. Chem 3 and Chem 3L, Chem 30A, or Chem 1A)

Biology Prereqs:

The equivalent of 1 year of high school biology or 1 semester of college biology w/ lab (e.g. Bio 11A, Bio 9A, or Bio 4)

"The Biotech program offered great hands-on experience in the lab. The possibilities are endless, and the professors are immensely helpful and encouraging. Importantly, the program helped me prepare for a job in the biotech industry," Lisa Uribe

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