For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative risk-takers.

They run their own business and reap the rewards. Our program supports entrepreneurs through our Skills Certificate in Entrepreneurships/Small Business and our Entrepreneurs.

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Whether you take one entrepreneurship course or more, you'll learn the fundamentals of small business planning and management. You will be prepared for the likely challenges when beginning and then operating a small business, whether it's a ‘brick and mortar' business, an online business, or a combination of both.


Success Stories

Hear from former Cabrillo Business Program students' who have become successful in starting their own business.

Isabel Sandoval

These were the first business classes I have ever taken. I had been thinking of starting my own business together with my husband, and we had been working towards that. I remember after the very first day of class I told my husband, "we do NOT have a business! I don't know what we have been doing this year, but it hasn't been business!" These classes were extremely informative and helped me truly understand what is needed to take an idea from thought to process. I'm extremely grateful for Ron and Cabrillo for offering these essential courses. We have hit the ground running in our business and are using everything we learned and are already seeing progress.


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