Instructors & Staff

Gail West- DMCP 401 & 411 instructor

Gail West is a teacher in the DMCP program and the Human Services Program at Cabrillo

College. Gail describes herself as a “lifelong learner” and brings her own passion for education

to the courses she teachers. She is all about finding ways to energize, encourage and engage the

students in her classes. In the Bridge Program, Gail is teaching DMCP 411 a course that helps

students build academic and personal skills, learn about college resources and develop the

confidence and motivation to transition to Cabrillo College. This summer, she is also teaching

DMCP 401, which enhances the skills developed in DMCP 411 and helps students explore and

clarify their academic and personal goals. Both courses focus on creating a supportive learning

community, where students feel acknowledged, valued and part of a team.

Martin Garcia- English Instructor

Martín García is a Professor of English who specializes in Chican@/x, Indigenous and Latin American literature as well as critical theory. In his English 1A class, he covers various topics related to dating, racism, mass shootings, indigenous thinking, and the history of Watsón(ville).He tries to foster critical thinking and college-specific skills and help students to navigate their own pathways to success in college and beyond. Martín is a Watsonville native and first generation college student committed to helping students and the greater community.

Leah Resendez- Program Coordinator

Leah Resendez is the Learning Communities & Bridge Program Coordinator. She joined the Learning Communities staff as a student intern after completing the ACE Program in 2015. Leah is passonatie about helping students find their way in college. She facilitates outreach presentaitons a local high schools, assists students with the onboarding process, provides academic avising and leads workshops in the classroom.Through the Bridge Porgram she hopes to create a community of students that are engaged, supported, and excited about their college experience.