Construction and Energy Management (CEM)

Getting Started

In as little as 8-16 units for a Skills Certificate, 28-40 units for a Certificate of Achievement, or 60 units for an A.S. Degree, you can make progress toward a great career.

The Construction Management program provides education in the areas of Management, Codes and Standards, Building Performance and Efficiency, and Construction Skills (hands-on) training. Students will find employment in the broad spectrum of opportunities available in the construction industry. The program also provides continuing education, degrees, and certificates for those already employed as contractors, consultants, owner/builders, inspectors, managers, supervisors, estimators, planners and schedulers, support staff, craft workers, and other areas related to construction.

The Building Inspection option leads to certifications in the codes that are needed by those seeking employment as Building Inspectors. Building inspection is one of the more stable areas of construction employment. Building Inspectors are employed in both the public and private sectors.

The Energy Management program provides preparation for students to work in the construction and energy management industry. Preparation includes construction fundamentals with an emphasis on sustainability and energy management as they relate to building technology, the application of building science, and solar-derived energy. The program employs an integrated approach to construction project planning and execution as well as preparation for state and national certifications.


Cabrillo offers options for a degree in Construction Management; Building Inspection and Constructions Codes; and Energy Management.

Each of the three degrees requires 60 units.

Certificates of Achievement

Cabrillo offers options for a Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management; Building Inspection and Constructions Codes; and Energy Management.

  • The Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management requires 37-40 units.
  • The Certificate of Achievement in Building Inspection and Constructions Codes requires 34-37 units.
  • The Certificate of Achievement in Energy Management requires 28-31 units.
Skills Certificates
We offer 11 skills certificates including:
  • Construction Basics (10 units)
  • Basic Energy Management (13 units)
  • Building Performance Energy Management (14 units)
  • Construction Building Inspection and Codes (16 units)
  • Construction Business Management (15 units)
  • Construction Project Management (15 units)
  • Construction Plumbing/Mechanical Inspection and Codes (16 units)
  • Solar Derived Energy Management (12 units)
  • Construction Career Path (8 units)
  • Construction Electrical Inspection and Codes (13 units)
  • Construction Trade (12 units)
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