Madhu Lodha
Early Childhood Education

Hi, My name is Madhu Lodha. I have been teaching in the ECE department at Cabrillo College since 1996. (This is my 26th year).

I was born and grew up in India. During my youth I always helped, cousins, neighbourhood and street children with homework, tutoring, counselling and test prep. I also loved geography as a subject. So I got a masters degree in geography from the University of Kolkata with a specialization in cartography. Along the way I also obtained a credential in teacher education. I became a certified teacher in Hindi language and geography for middle school children. Teaching was the only profession allowed for women in my family. Else I may have considered to be a travel agent.

I got married and moved to Houston, USA with my spouse. I quickly realized that geography was not taught as a separate subject in US schools and Hindi was not offered as a foreign language either. So I enrolled in the education department at the University of Houston and completed a masters degree in Early Child Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. At University of Houston I also got a chance to work at the lab preschool and gain invaluable experience in working with young children.

Soon my family moved to Santa Cruz CA. I worked at the UCSC family childcare for a while. Soon I got hired as a master teacher at the Cabrillo College Lab School.

I further gained knowledge and experience in training and supervising student teachers,mentoring interns and working with families, while working in large teams at an academic institute. The ECE department hired me to teach classes too. I have taught a variety of classes in the department but specialize in developmentally appropriate curriculum development.

Besides being a teacher trainer I also train teachers and parents in Positive Discipline. Positive Discipline works with all relationships and has changed my life for the better. I am also a children's yoga instructor. I also love socializing, walking, doing yoga and children's literature. I have two grown sons and two daughter in laws.