Office of Student Equity

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

The Office of Student Equity

Kofi Akinjide, Ed.D. — Director of Student Equity and Success

Kofi came to Cabrillo College from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) where he worked as an Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Counselor in the Jack Baskin School of Engineering and at Rachel Carson College. Prior to working at UCSC, Kofi worked as a Student Success Coach at University College at Azusa Pacific University. He obtained his Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. His research centered on critical professional learning and building institutional capacity to take antiracist action. According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, his top ten talents are: (1) learner, (2) connectedness, (3) intellection, (4) input, (5) discipline, (6) analytical, (7) context, (8) relator, (9) harmony, and (10) focus. His top seven character strengths according to the Values in Action (VIA) survey are: (1) prudence, (2) leadership, (3) perseverance, (4) judgment, (5) fairness, (6) honesty, and (7) love of learning. In essence, Kofi considers himself to be a collaborative engineer of educational equity. In his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, and watching 80s and animated movies. Kofi can be reached at or (831) 477-3548.


DREAM Resource Program

Adela Naranjo-Bernabe, M.A., PPS, LPCC — Program Coordinator for the DREAM Resource Program and Summer Migrant Program

After immigrating from Mexico at the age of 3, Adela has resided in the City of Watsonville. Adela was raised in a house of six children. After growing up as a migrant child, her elementary years inspired her to make a difference. Adela attended several local schools including Watsonville High & Cabrillo College. Through hard work, resiliency, and her fathers encouraging word, “La educación es algo que nadie te puede quitar.” She rekindled her desire to continue to make a difference. Adela has taught within the Pajaro Valley School District. As a former first-generation undocumented student from a minoritized community, she is very fortunate to assist undocumented students in their pursuit of a higher education. Her current role as DREAM Resource Program Coordinator allows her to remind students that they too can go to school. According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, Adela’s top ten talents are: (1) achiever, (2) empathy, (3) developer, (4) restorative, (5) includer, (6) learner, (7) responsibility, (8) discipline, (9) harmony, and (10) positivity. Her top five character strengths according to the Values in Action (VIA) survey are: (1) perseverance, (2) fairness, (3) humility, (4) perspective, and (5) social intelligence. Adela is also a proud mommy of a beautiful boy, Carlitos. Adela can be reached at or (831) 477-3379.


Guardian Scholars Program

Dejon Weldon — Program Coordinator for the Guardian Scholars Program

Dejon is a community college alumna and a big believer that everyone has their own educational path. As a first generation college student, she did a lot of exploration to figure out “College Systems” on her own. After receiving her associate degree she continued on to Italy where she was able to complete her Bachelors in Art History with the chance to study Van Gogh and Picasso in their home countries. If you ever want to talk about study abroad, she’s happy to talk about how it changed her perspectives on life. With her 13+ years of experience working in higher education she hopes to share her personal and professional experience with students to help them become empowered and advocates of their own educational goals. As the Guardian Scholars Program coordinator, Dejon’s main goal is to make sure students are connected to campus and community resources. According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, Dejon’s top ten talents are: (1) positivity, (2) input, (3) relator, (4) includer, (5) empathy, (6) developer, (7) woo, (8) learner, (9) responsibility, and (10) maximizer. Her top five character strengths according to the Values in Action (VIA) survey are: (1) kindness, (2) curiosity, (3) appreciation of beauty and excellence, (4) social intelligence, and (5) hope. Dejon can be reached at or (831) 479-6463.

Carrie Shevchenko — Student Support Services Assistant

Carrie is a Cabrillo alumna and you'll often see her as you walk in the door at Guardian Scholars. She has took advantage of the opportunity to work with the College Work Experience Education program to earn units for her time in the office. According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, Carrie’s top five talents are: (1) woo, (2) positivity, (3) activator, (4) communication, and (5) relator. Her top five character strengths according to the Values in Action (VIA) survey are: (1) honesty, (2) forgiveness, (3) love, (4) zest, and (5) hope. Carrie can be reached at or (831) 479-6115.


Veterans Information Center

Flor L. Chacon, M.A. — Program Coordinator for the Veterans Information Center

According to the CliftonStrengths assessment, Flor’s top ten talents are: (1) empathy, (2) adaptability, (3) positivity, (4) harmony, (5) developer, (6) arranger, (7) maximizer, (8) relator, (9) self-assurance, and (10) activator. Her top five character strengths according to the Values in Action (VIA) survey are: (1) humor, (2) social intelligence, (3) gratitude, (4) love, and (5) perspective. Flor can be reached at or (831) 477-3508. 

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