Culinary and Healthy Living

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Common Questions

How old do I need to be to take a class?

Cabrillo Extension culinary classes are for students 16 and older unless otherwise noted.

How do I register?

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Baking and Pastry
Sweet and Savory Baked Treats

Baking can be a daunting prospect if you've never tried it before. Get guidance from professional bakers in these classes! Designed as stand alone experiences, these workshop is great whether you're an experienced baker, or just getting started. You're sure to end up with something delicious! 

Cooking and Culinary Skills
Take Control of Your Kitchen

Make something new and different for dinner tonight! Learn new, mouthwatering recipes to try out at home, while practicing important culinary techniques such as knife skills. See what's cooking in these classes!

Candy and Confectionery
Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Sweets

Satisfy your sweet tooth with candy and confectionery workshops! Take the challenge out of tempering chocolate, master homemade marshmallow, and more in classes perfect for the confectionary lover in your life. The end result is both pretty and tasty - whether you use these as gifts, or keep them all to yourself!

Beverages and Cocktails
Classes to Quench Your Thirst

Learn to create delicious drinks from coffee to cocktails and more. These workshops will teach you the skills and recipes to create satisfying drinks such as cocktails, shrubs, and coffee beverages. Yum! 

Classes for Budding Chefs!
Empowering Kids to Rule the Kitchen

Does the child in your life aspire to create their own culinary masterpieces? Do you just want a break from the constant snack requests? Either way, the Cabrillo Youth Program has you covered! Youth culinary workshops, taught by expert chefs and current Cabrillo Culinary Arts students, teach children how to cook and bake, how to stay safe in the kitchen, and how to properly care for and clean their cooking space.