Follow-Up & Retention Services

Housing Grant Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where can students look for housing resources?

We have an online Housing Board through the Follow-up and Retention webpage

Is there a Fee?

No fees are required. We also have an Emergency Housing Grant available for eligible students. Please file a report through Just Report It! Someone will reach out to you with the subject line "Just Report It Follow Up".

Who is eligible for the Emergency Housing Grant?

If you are a registered student who is couch surfing, homeless, imminently homeless or in a domestic violence situation you can apply for the grant.

Do I have to pay back?

You DO NOT have to pay back the funds. The Emergency Housing Grant is a ONE TIME HEAP/CESH grant to help students who are homeless or imminently homeless with move-in costs ($2000).

How do I apply?

The 1st Step is to file a report in the Just ReportIt! System under "Report Food and Housing Security"