Professional Development Committee

Mission/Purpose Statement

Cabrillo Professional Development is a college-wide initiative to promote growth as an educational community. Professional development opportunities promote and support excellence in teaching and learning, technological advancement, institutional effectiveness, and student support.

Goals for Year

2018-19 Goals:

1. Professional Development and Transformational Learning: Cabrillo College has long been the leader in transformational approaches to teaching and learning, technology and other processes that make the college one of the leaders in identifying methods for student success. This strategic focus identifies goals that meet the intent of our college commitment to all employee professional development and access to training, while focusing the college on learning that continues to transform our institution as we meet our mission for student success, achievement and completion.

1.1.Create and implement a Professional Development Shared Governance Committee with a reporting relationship to College Planning Council (CPC) (current Flex and other training to be considered through subcommittees, which report to this committee) [14-15 carry over]

  • 1.1.1.Create, implement and evaluate a professional development plan for all employee campus constituencies including cross training and change management
  • the visioning workshop priorities to determine an annual plan for each year through 2019 (completed) [14-15 carry over]
  • incentives for employees to become involved such as the employee meritorious award process (completed) [14-15 carry over]
  • 1.1.2.Implements the California Community College Student Success Initiative Professional Development recommendation [Unfunded mandate – discontinued]
  • 1.1.3.Provide employee orientations that extend current Human Resource content and incorporate cross-constituency trainings
  • 1.1.4.Develop a leadership training program [developed and set for Fall 2017]

1.2. Review and improve current Professional Development websites (completed pending evaluation)

1.3. Consider staffing and/or technology needs for professional development sustainability

1.4. Utilizing principles from Center for Urban Education (CUE), review and update job expectations and skills for all employees, and implement job screening practices to support equity and success [job descriptions completed for new jobs, all other jobs pending, carryover, modified goal]

1.5. For faculty, include the ability to incorporate soft skills in curriculum as a desired qualification

1.6. For all employees, provide training to update skills to address current relevant technologies [carryover]

1.7. Provide Guided Pathways training [carryover]

1.8. Implement Leadership Academy

1.9. Distance Education Academy with online instruction training [carryover] 1.10. Mandatory harassment/non-discrimination training

*asterisk denotes reference to the Cabrillo College Strategic Plan

Who They Report To

College Planning Committee (CPC)


Currently the committee meets the second Friday from 1:30 - 3 pm in room 2100B

Link to Agendas and Minutes


Chair and Member Listing


  • David King (faculty) Dance Instructor, Department Chair
  • Angela Hoyt (management) Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations
  • Claire Conklin (classified) Lead Library/LRC Specialist


  • Spring Andrews, Director, Information Technology
  • Rachel Mayo, Dean of Education Centers and Online & Innovative Learning
  • Holly Goodman, Financial Aid Advisor
  • Robin McFarland, Biology Instructor
  • Ana Rodriguez, Financial Aid Advisor
  • Aleah Kropholler, Library Resource Specialist
  • Jill Gallo, Assistant Director, Contract and Community Education, Extension
  • Amy Mahoney Confidential Human Resources
  • PRO Support: Terrence Willet, Dean of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Flex Committee Liaison: Francine Van Meter Coordinator, Title V Grant, and Flex Coordinator

For more information, visit Professional Development Committee Website

For more information, visit Professional Development Committee Website