Jumpstart your college education by enrolling at Cabrillo College while enrolled in a GED/HISET/HSD program at an Adult School.

Register for a Cabrillo course today!

5 Easy Steps

Get started with dual enrollment!

Check out the courses recommended for high school students. Cabrillo's academic counselors (drop in or make an appointment) can help you choose classes based on your goals. Check with your adult school counselor to choose classes that will also meet your high school requirements. If you plan to take a Math or English course, complete the self-paced placement process.

Dual enrollment students must apply to Cabrillo for each semester in which they intend to take courses. Contact the Welcome Center for help! This step will give you the the Cabrillo ID that you need to login and submit the Dual Enrollment eForm! It may take up to 24 hours to receive your Cabrillo ID after completing the application process.

Once you receive your Cabrillo ID, login to your MyCabrillo portal to complete the Dual Enrollment eForm. Select that you are 'An adult school student in a high school equivalency program', add the courses you plan to take on the form, and submit the form. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the form to be processed.

  1. To login to MyCabrillo, your default MyCabrillo password is your six-digit birthdate (mmddyy).

  2. The dual enrollment eForm is populated with available courses when the course schedule is posted. Check the Dates & Deadlines for the date when the schedule will be posted.

  3. Allow for 24 to 48 hours for your dual enrollment eForm to be processed. Check the status of the eForm in the system at any time Under Activity, open your eForm and review the History. Once the form has been processed, you will see Approved and Workflow Ended under History.

Once your form has been processed, register for classes at your assigned registration time in MyCabrillo. You can confirm your registration time using the What's My Registration Date eform.

The start date of your course(s) will be listed in the schedule. Also be sure to look at key dates on Cabrillo's Dates & Deadlines calendar.

Once you are registered:

  1. Know when your class starts! Your course day and time is listed in the course schedule. If you have any questions, check in with your instructor.

  2. Learn about Canvas! Many classes use this system so learn how to login and use the system.

  3. Check your email. Throughout the semester, but especially at the beginning of the term, you may receive emails with important information.

  4. If you have an IEP or 504 plan at your high school, make an appointment with the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) to discuss accommodations.

Review of Dual Enrollment Policies & Guidelines

As a Cabrillo student, you are responsible for registering for classes approved on your dual enrollment eForm through MyCabrillo on or after your assigned registration day and time.

Work with a Cabrillo Academic Counselor to identify appropriate courses that will help you meet your academic goals. You are required to meet all course prerequisites prior to registering for a course.

Discuss your plan for dual enrollment with your adult school. Your Adult School program can tell you which courses will count toward your high school graduation requirements.

As a dual enrollment student, you are eligible to take up to 11 units each term. Tuition and fees are waived for up to 11 units. When enrolling in more than 11 units, tuition will charged for all units. You are responsible for purchasing required textbooks or supplies for each course.

As a dual enrollment student, you are a college student. You must: 

  1. Follow Cabrillo's academic regulations (listed in Student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook) and deadlines in the Academic Calendar. You are expected to meet all deadlines such as submitting class assignments on time and dropping classes by established dates.
  2. Go to your classes! Read Attendance Policy in Cabrillo's Academic Policies and Procedures.
  3. Communicate! You are responsible for communicating with your instructors especially if you need to be excused from class.

Cabrillo College is required to follow the rules regarding the privacy of student records outlined in the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which apply to all students regardless of age. Cabrillo employees, including instructors, can only release information directly to the student. If you require access to your information (e.g. grades, transcripts, class schedule), you must request the information or put a written consent on file to allow someone else to access your information.

All courses will become a part of your official college record. Poor grades can affect your academic future in such areas as admission to colleges/universities, eligibility for financial aid, eligibility for athletics, and academic probation.

If you do not wish to continue in a class, you are responsible for withdrawing from (dropping) the course in MyCabrillo by the dates listed in the Academic Dates & Deadlines Calendar. There are two withdrawal periods you should look for:

  1. In the early part of class, you may withdraw without it appearing on your transcript.

  2. Last day to withdraw from a full-term section with a 'W,' after which you cannot drop.

After these dates have passed, you will receive a grade on your transcript.

When your course is complete go to MyCabrillo to view your final grade(s) and request your official Cabrillo College transcript to be sent to your school. Your high school must receive a copy of your Cabrillo transcript to give you credit for Cabrillo courses toward high school graduation. This is not an automatic process.

Cabrillo's Accessibility Support Center (ASC) provides services, accommodations, and academic support for students with disabilities and learning differences at Cabrillo College. If you have an IEP or 504 plan, contact the ASC by email asc@cabrillo.edu or call (831) 479-­6379 to discuss accommodations. Your accommodations in college may differ from those provided by your high school and your IEP or 504 does not automatically transfer.

Make an appointment and share a copy of your IEP or 504 as soon as you decide to register for classes.

There are many resources to help you choose what courses to take! Whether you want to explore something new or you want to pursue a degree or certificate at Cabrillo, help is available. Meet with a Cabrillo Academic Counselor to identify appropriate courses. Cabrillo Academic Counselors can help you make a plan to reach goals like completing a certificate or degree at Cabrillo and/or transferring to a four year program to continue your education.