Application Selection Information

Application, Selection and Program Requirements

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program will accept applicants for fall 2023 and spring 2024 from February 15th until March 15th, 2023. As part of the application process, official transcripts showing completion of prerequisites at any colleges attended other than Cabrillo College must be submitted. You may also choose to send transcripts showing completion of general education courses. Although general education courses are not evaluated with the application, if you are accepted in the program, these will be required for review to graduate. Transcripts can be accepted prior to the application window and this is encouraged. If a relevant course is in progress or recently completed, please ensure this course is included on the transcript before submitting it to Cabrillo. For electronic delivery, the following email can be used:

Only official transcripts can be reviewed as part of a nursing application.

The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program at Cabrillo College is a four semester program and accepts students each fall and spring semester.

The Cabrillo nursing program uses a multi-criteria selection process. In addition to meeting the prerequisite criteria, points are awarded according to various components of education, experience and background.

The multi-criteria application process has two phases.

Phase 1:

  • At the close of the application cycle, all approved applicants are awarded a score according to the multi-criteria application form.

  • The top 40% of applicants from phase 1 are admitted to a random lottery. Applicants not admitted to the lottery will be notified.

  • In the 2023 application cycle, 120 applicants will be selected using the lottery process to progress to phase 2 of the application process.

Phase 2:

  • The 120 applicants admitted to phase 2 will submit a TEAS test score.

  • Points will be awarded based on the score achieved in the TEAS test.

  • The phase 1 and phase 2 points will be combined for a total application score.

  • Applicants will be ranked according to their combined score.

  • The top 40% of applicants will be offered placement in the program.

  • 20 students will be selected at random from the remaining pool as alternates

TEAS test score submitted with application:

Applicants may submit a TEAS test score for phase 2 when they initially apply, however it will only be assessed if they are admitted to the second phase of the application process. When submitting a TEAS test score, the highest score achieved within the last two years will be accepted.

TEAS test taken following admission to phase 2:

Applicants admitted to phase 2 that have not yet submitted a TEAS test score will be invited to take the TEAS test and submit their result for a phase 2 application score. Once admitted to phase 2 of the application process the TEAS test may be taken one time only. The test will be offered at Cabrillo on April 15th, 2023. Applicants completing the test at a site other than Cabrillo must submit their score by April 15th, 2023

The following forms are for the 2023 application cycle.

(Google form, opens 8:00am 02/15/2023 and closes 6:00pm 03/15/2023)

(mailed to Cabrillo nursing between 02/15/2023 - 03/15/2023

Admission Requirements

We recommend that you meet with an Academic Counselor before applying. If you have taken prerequisites at other colleges, be sure they meet Cabrillo's Nursing prerequisite requirements. To schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor, please call 831-479-6274.

If you have any questions, please email Nursing

The Cabrillo College Nursing Program also offers limited opportunities for advanced placement admission for LVNs, military personnel and students transferring from other nursing programs. Please visit the advanced placement web site link below.

Advanced Placement Admission

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