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Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Task Force

A Partnership between the Chicano/Latino Affairs Council and the College Planning Committee / The HSI Task Force is part of Cabrillo College’s overarching commitment to becoming a Hispanic-Serving Institution. The task force is one “next step” after Flex Week professional development workshops with Dr. Gina Garcia (Equity and Title V and Title III) and presentations at Faculty Senate (Spring 21). The time is now with over 45% of Cabrillo students identifying as Latinx.
Transforming Cabrillo College into an effective Hispanic-Serving Institution through research and collaboration.
~ HSI Purpose ~
HSI Week is observed by colleges and universities across the nation. Social Media, virtual events and campus activities are encouraged to heighten awareness of the important role HSIs play in improving access to education and advancing equity for traditionally underserved students. Plans are underway for several members of Congress to recognize the contributions of HSIs in their communities.
~ HSI Week / September 13 - 17, 2021 ~
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HSI Task Force / Six Focus Groups

Each investigating current practices and making recommendations for change

HSI Audit

  • Guided by Dr. Gina Garcia's Book

  • Develop procedures for conducting audit

Internal Community Spaces

  • Identify how the college creates HSI serving spaces, both on the ground and online, through the use of murals, the website, CAP lounges, a multicultural center, the name exploration process, etc.

Curriculum / Faculty Initiatives

  • Identify work toward developing an Ethnic Studies department

  • Identify programs on campus that support Latinx & BIPOC students

  • Identify items that can be implemented in the classroom

  • ~ Syllabus Statement

  • ~ Activities/Readings on justice and equity

Student Support

  • Identify opportunities for  outreach & recruitment; Puente, STARS and Learning communities; Student Senate & Clubs; 1st Year Experience; Connect w/GP;  and identify programs on campus that support Latinx & BIPOC, etc.

Administrative Procedures, HR Processes, Legislative & Advocacy Policies

  • Continue implementing HR improvements in hiring; report on successes and accomplishments; promote communication efforts

  • Engage in policy & procedure reforms working with Board, CPC, and governance leaders

  • Advocate for Ethnic studies Bill (AB 1040), DACA/Dreamers legislation, and other relevant legislation

External Community Outreach

  • Recommend and participate in selecting Speakers for events and  Town Hall forums; arranging Spanish language translation at events

  • Recommend speakers and events to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day - Annual Speaker and other events (Latino Role Models Conference; etc.)

HSI Task Force Steering Committee
Paul De La Cerda
Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Instruction
(831) 479-6451
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Adela Naranjo-Bernabe
DREAM Resource Program Coordinator
(831) 479-3379
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"As the compositional diversity of colleges and universities changes, the ways we educate and serve students must also shift. Administrators, faculty, and staff must commit to transforming the institutional structures for serving in order to enhance the educational experiences and outcomes of all students. This is what I write about, speak about, and work with colleges and universities to do." ​
~ Dr. Gina Ann Garcia ~
THE CHAMPIONS OF HISPANIC SUCCESS IN HIGHER EDUCATION Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU) represents more than 500 colleges and universities committed to Hispanic higher education success in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America, and Spain.
Cabrillo is a proud member of HACU!