Cabrillo College Photos

These photos may only be used on the Cabrillo College website or for official Cabrillo College business.

Please note that, at this point, the "Medium" and "Square" photos are the ones we have the largest selection of.

Wide Photos

684 pixels (width) x 190 pixels (height)

Medium Photos                                  (2 Examples)

339 pixels (width) x 190 pixels (height)

2 Medium Photos at the Top of the Page:  In Dreamweaver/Contribute, when you put 2 medium photos in the top section called "Wide Photo", there will automatically be a little space between 2 photos. It looks nice.

2 medium photos

Floating Image:   In Dreamweaver/Contribute, you will need to select the class/style called "_image_float_left" or "_image_float_right, once the image is selected. This will make it float one direction, and the words will wrap around the image.

right floating image

Square-Like Photos               (Example)

200 pixels (width) x
150 pixels (height)

These square-like photos will be used under the left-navigation (menu) section. You can use more than one. It helps to fill in space on the left and give more life to the page.
square example

Tall (Irregular Photos)

Various Sizes