Integrated Educational Master Plan

Integrated Educational Master Plan (IEMP)

In 2023-24, we will be updating our Integrated Educational Master Plan (IEMP) to articulate our long-term vision of the College and its infrastructure. "Cabrillo" has partnered with Steinberg Hart and Integrated Academic Solutions (IAS) to assist in collecting the voices of our students and community and drafting a dynamic, living document we can use to guide our facilities, technology, programs, and services into the future.

The new IEMP will dovetail with our Mission statement and Strategic Plan updates and inform updates to our Facilities and Technology plans, program plans, and more.

Working Group kick-off 2/23/23
Flex Friday - Intro to IEMP

Living our Values. Charting our Future ~ 3/3/23 In person and/or by Zoom

Please share your impressions and feedback with one of these Working Group members
We want to hear your voice!

Alta Northcutt

Amy Lehman

Angela Hoyt

Anna Zagorska

Blanca Baltazar-Sabbah

Bradley Olin

Buff McKinley

Dave Reynolds

Eddie Cervantes

Flor Chacon

Ginger Charles

Joanna Kimmitt

Karen Groppi

Kofi Akinjide

Mark Ramsey

Matt Wetstein

Olga Diaz

Rick Gubash

Robin McFarland

Sarah Doub

Sofia Abonce

Steve Schessler

Tasha Sturm

Tatiana Bachuretz

Teresa Macedo

Tobin Keller

Veronica Leon

Living Our Values. Charting Our Future.
Flex Friday ~ March 3, 2023 ~ 2-3 pm.
  • Introducing the Master Planning consultants

  • Understanding the scope of the work and what to expect from the process

(Flex credit available through MyCabrilloPD)

Join us IN PERSON in room VAPA 1001 or by Zoom