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Dr. Thomas C. Marshall
Phone: 831.477.5219
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Office Hours: Fall 2016
Location: 518 C (Aptos campus)

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Dr. Thomas C. Marshall
English Instructor

who I'll be when I die

M.A., Ph.D.
With Cabrillo College since 1992

I work with all kinds of "English" classes, but my main strengths are nature writing, creative writing (poetry and prose), and the teaching of writing. I also delight in teaching or even just discussing contemporary U.S., Latin American, French, & Canadian literature in French, Spanish, or English.

I am currently on the English Department's High School Articulation & Outreach committee and on the campus-wide committee for Food Services as the Faculty Senate rep.

Come by during my office hours or call me for an appointment to talk about any of these subjects or other related interests of yours.

Each year, I teach English 100, 1A, 1B, and/or 2 as composition workshop courses where you write from your responses to exemplary writings and/or provocative films. In 100 we work on the rhetorical approaches of narration, description, exemplification, and process analysis. In 1A we work on comparison & contrast, cause & effect analysis, definition, and persuasion. Both of these courses also work with research and examples from contemporary scholarly writings about topics like the internet, social justice, warfare, & the environment. 100 will give you a start, and 1A will develop all the basic techniques for composing an effective research paper and then take you through that process. In English 2, we work on developing and refining use of a 4-part method for critical thinking and on further extension of research skills. We usually apply them to films and thinking about films in their historical contexts. In 1B, we use the critical thinking method to respond to pieces of world literature (in English) in discussion and in essays writing.

This year, my 100 classes will center on Thinking Your Way through Life, my 1a classes will deal with Societal Change, and my 2 classes will deal with critiquing Film Representations of History. My 1B classes will use an anthology of world literature to approach stories, poems, plays, and essay and memoir nonfiction pieces with a focus on The Human Experience.

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