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Leslie Murray
Office Hours: Fall 2020
Weekly hours will be scheduled online for either written or video chat.
Location: Online
Alternate Location: E-mail or Canvas InBox

Digital Media

Leslie Murray
Digital Media, and VAPA Creative Careers Faculty

B.A. Art, Certificate Graphic Design, Working Professional.
With Cabrillo College since 2007

As of May 2020 Fall classes are scheduled to be taught online (but it is possible that we will return to the classroom). I have taught fully-online classes since Spring 2019, and also continue to teach in the classroom.

My students form a strong community group and had a good online experience, along with the flexibility and independence that an online course provides.

A final decision is pending on whether my classes will meet weekly at the scheduled time, or be "asynchronous" without a weekly online traditional scheduled class meeting.

We will use a combination of video meetings, online forums, email, and a messaging app to communicate, and will submit assignments online. All of my classes, whether online or not, have weekly assignments, discussion forums, reading or video material and a weekly short quiz on fundamental concepts. Due dates are spread through the week to encourage an even work pace.

Please feel free to contact me using the form on this page if you have any questions about my classes.

The CTC Computer Lab will continue online TA/Tutoring services for DM classes, and there are also help desks for Canvas. I have no information yet about availability of computers and software for students.

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Designers help the world communicate. My teaching is a product of my professional experience as a graphic designer, art director, photo/image-editing artist, illustrator, and production manager for regional, national, and international clients — including several Fortune-50 tech companies. I work in high-end commercial image-editing, and publishing for print and web (advertising, interactive presentations, websites, packaging, catalogs, magazines, books, signage).

I am a graphic designer and creative artist with a strong interest in Design, Technology, Art, Education, Writing, and Career Development. I enjoy discovering how things work and are inter-connected, and finding ways to explain, relate, and simplify complex topics.

••••• F A L L • 2 0 2 0 • C L A S S E S •••••

All of my classes design and create original, professional, portfolio-quality final projects.

Feel free to contact me via the message link with any questions about my Fall 2020 classes.

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•DM-12 Photoshop Techniques I • (Intermediate to Advanced Level) • 4 units, Prereq: DM-4 (DM-1) or Equivalent Skills
This class is a solid broad range of professional techniques: pixel painting with brush tools, multiple-image composites, color changes & adjustments, selecting tools, masks & non-destructive editing, layers & channels, blending modes, filters, design & typography.

•DM-6 Digital Publishing II (Intermediate to Advanced Level) • 4 units, Prereq: DM-2 or equivalent skills (DM-1)
This InDesign course covers typographic design, page layout, color, advanced techniques using style sheets and master pages to make publishing smooth and efficient. Create portfolio level work for print and interactive documents.

•DM-2 Digital Publishing I (Advanced-Beginner Level) • 4 units, Prereq: DM-1 or Equivalent Skills
This course covers InDesign tools for efficiency and automation on larger and repeating projects. Typography, design process, page layout, style sheets, for print and interactive documents.

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•DM-11 Digital Illustration • (Intermediate to Advanced Level) 4 units, Prereq: DM-4 (& DM-1)or Equivalent Skills
This class teaches a solid range of vector-based professional illustration and graphic arts techniques. Including original illustrations, packaging, graphic art, technical skills, and design & typography for digital publishing, packaging, and web and screen media projects. Create portfolio level work for all aspects of creative design.

•DM-4 Digital Graphics • (Advanced-Beginner Level) 4 units, Recommended Prereq: DM-1 or Equivalent Skills
DM-4 covers both Illustrator and Photoshop for graphic art, illustration, and image editing work. Requires DM1 or a familiarity with basic use of Adobe CC/CS6 — especially Illustrator and Photoshop, vectors, pixels, typography, fonts, printing, and the internet.

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