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Phone: 831.477.3700 ext.1227
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Office Hours: Fall 2015
Mon 11-1:30 (STEM Center)
Wed 12-1PM (828)
Location: Room 828
Alternate Location: Room 830

Computer and Information SystemsComputer Networking and System Administration

Rich Simms
CIS Instructor

Rich with family

BS Computer Science, MS Computer Engineering
With Cabrillo College since 2008

Are you interested in learning about UNIX/Linux?

I'll be teaching CIS 90 (Introduction to UNIX/Linux) Wednesday afternoons in the Fall 2015 term and Wednesday mornings in the Spring 2016 term.

Note the prerequisite information in the schedule is not quite accurate. CIS 90 is an introductory course and there are NO prerequisites. Recommended preparation would be CS 1L, CIS 72 or equivalent experience.

Students have three options for attending class:

1) Join the class online at the scheduled time using CCC Confer and participate electronically.
2) Come to the Aptos campus for the traditional classroom experience.
3) Watch the archived videos of each class at a time that best fits your schedule.

See my Home Page for more information. Click the "Previous Terms" link there to see course topics and materials used in previous terms.

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