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Wayne V. Bloechl
Geology, Oceanography and Environmental Science Instructor

The tilted layers are turbidites of sandstone and gravel, deposited under water, like what is occuring in Moterey Canyon now!
Geologist on the turbidites of San Carlos Canyon

B.S., M.S. - Earth Sciences - UCSC
With Cabrillo College since 1997

Welcome students!
I have been interested in geology and sciences in general for over 40 years and have been teaching since the early 90's, in addition to working at Graniterock for a time and general geologic consulting and other related activities.

My main interests include sedimentary geology, neo-tectonics and mineralogy. I am interested in sediments derived from the oceans and the rocks they become in active regions, so oceanography is a natural fit for me since much of California, and the west in general, is covered with marine sedimentary rock (and their metamorphic equivalents) of various ages. The different parts of the hydrosphere (oceans especially) are crucial to our existence, but we don't seem to act like it; it is ultimately our moderator (of climate), our source of water and food, and a lot of our oxygen. It takes in carbon dioxide, moderating our temperature and absorbs energy, returning it later. And so, I am also teaching environmental geology (3 unit Lecture course) and environmental science (1 unit lab section), where we delve into problems associated with living on this dynamic planet. The planet and its geologic processes impact us, but OUR impact on this rock we all live on is getting to be serious as well. We can not regulate Earth. So, can we regulate ourselves and find a balance? I think the central coast region of California is an outstanding place to study such topics.

Drop by the geology department and take a look around, let's see if we can turn you into an Earth scientist or a rock hound! One of the best parts of taking Earth Science classes is, WE GO ON FIELD TRIPS!

-Wayne Bloechl aka "GeoJoe"

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