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Dr. Mary Soltis
Phone: 831.479.6114
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Office Hours: Spring 2019
Mondays, 2:00-4:00 PM
also, by appointment
Location: Room 1504B (1st Floor of Building 1500)

EducationFoster & Kinship Care Education

Dr. Mary Soltis

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Ed.D., M.A. Ed., M.A.
With Cabrillo College since 2000

Hello and welcome to your exploration into a career in Education!

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was five (yes, five!), and I am excited to be able to help others consider careers in teaching.

I teach two courses at Cabrillo: Education 80 and Education 80L - both are introductory and exploratory courses in careers (primarily teaching) in Education.

Education 80/80L is a time intensive and exciting service learning lecture and lab that exposes students to K-12 classrooms throughout Santa Cruz County. ED 80 is a lecture class which requires students to think deeply and creatively about the Education field in the United States.

ED 80L is the service learning lab which gives students the opportunity to work in a K-12 classroom alongside an experienced, credentialed teacher. Requirements for enrollment and completion of ED 80L (the lab) include: attending a mandatory orientation (which takes place one week prior to the beginning of each semester), attending weekly classes, fulfilling service learning requirements (which equals 56 hours for the semester), and reflecting on what it means to be a teacher. The ED 80L service learning lab can either be taken concurrently with ED 80 (the lecture) or upon completion of ED 80.

In addition, ED 80L students are required to pass (unconditionally) Cabrillo District fingerprinting and TB testing, either before the semester or no later than two weeks into the semester. The various school districts in Santa Cruz County also have fingerprinting requirements that must be followed prior to placement in a service learning classroom.

If you are interested in taking the ED 80 lecture and/or the ED 80L service learning lab, and you would like more details about either (including information on how to get fingerprinted and TB tested for the service learning), please feel free to email me at I will send you information and directions on how to enroll in the course(s) and information and updates on the service learning component. I look forward to hearing from you and am happy to help you explore careers in teaching.

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