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Art Photography

Lesley Louden
Art Photography Instructor

MFA Photography, MA Photomedia, BFA Photography & Design

AP 35


Online Course: 3 HOUR LECTURE COURSE (not a lab course)
Instructor: LOUDEN (

-Included in CABRILLO general education pattern Area C: Arts & Humanities for the AA/AS Degree
-Transfers to the CSU and UC systems
-Fulfills CSU GE Area C1 and IGETC Area 3A Arts requirements
-Satisfies CABRILLO College Multicultural Studies Requirement for graduation with an Associate Degree

Course Description:
Are you interested in learning how to think critically and gain image literacy skills? In this course we will learn how to create and write a blog, explore ethics of photography and digital manipulation online today, discover citizen journalism, create a staged or digitally altered photograph for social change to express your social concerns, or to create a photographic Human Rights project?

This class observes and participates in the groundbreaking changes occurring as a result of the digital revolution. We are participants in this movement and in our course we build a safe and supportive online community for our own self-expression and the discovery of our individual and collective efforts for social change.


This course investigates how web-based technologies, internet multi-media, and photography have assisted in causing social change around the world through images, video, audio, text, web collaboration and interactivity. Social documentary photography, multi-media documentaries, contemporary art photography, ethnographic photography, photojournalism, social media & Blogs are all areas of our study.

Projects Include:
-Blog Writing Project for Social Change
-Digital Manipulation/Staged Photo & Ethics Project for Social Change
-Human Rights Selife Project for Social Change


Introduction to Digital Photography - ONLINE

Introduces basic digital photography skills: camera operation and exposure controls; elementary software image quality adjustment techniques; printing and digital output; composition; visual communication.


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