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Tara K Firenzi
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Office Hours: SPRING 2019
Monday, 7-9:30 PM (Skype)
Location: Online: Skype Name "Taharla"


Tara K Firenzi
History Instructor

Tara Firenzi
At the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway!

M.A. History, Stanford University
With Cabrillo College since 2013

Welcome to History 2A!

This is my sixth year working at Cabrillo teaching the World History survey, and my sixteenth year in education. My primary focus in graduate school was precolonial and colonial African history, but my interests are very broad, and I've always enjoyed learning about a variety of fields. These broad interests are served particularly well by the field of World History, which allows us to bring everything together and draw meaning and insight from the "big picture."

Please know that I'm here to help. Please always feel free to email, call, or Skype with me during office hours, and I look forward to what I hope will be an enjoyable and engaging semester exploring world history.

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