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Scott Phelps
CJ Instructor

P. Scott Phelps

B.A. Psychology; M.S. Criminal Justice Administration
With Cabrillo College since 1973

All on-line CJ2 Criminal Law, and CJ3 Criminal Evidence, students will be able to log onto the site starting on the first official day of classes at Cabrillo. This log-in day is the case with all the Cabrillo on-line courses. THERE IS NO ORIENTATION MEETING, as the distance education instructors have been asked not to have these so as to make them true distance education classes.
Students in Criminal Law should buy the book, California Criminal Law Concepts, by Hunt and Rutledge, buy the latest edition, but if you have access to an earlier edition, that will do just fine. There is no assignment for the first week, except for an extra credit assignment which is to introduce yourself to me on the site. You can read about it there.
Students in Criminal Evidence should also buy the book, Criminal Evidence - Principles and Cases latest edition, by Gardner and Anderson. Any edition from the 7th Edition or later will suffice. There is an assignment from chapter one of the book for the first week as well as a quiz to take on that chapter. Also, there is an extra credit assignment which is to introduce yourself to me on the site. Go to Assignments and also to Assessments to access the quiz and the assignments.
It is extremely important that you read the Orientation and the Syllabus once you are logged into the class. There will be a written assignment due at the end of the first week.
Any questions you have, please use our e-mail system in Blackboard Learning System once the course begins. If you wish to contact me prior to that, e-mail me

Good luck.

Scott Phelps

CJ2 Syllabus

CJ3 Syllabus

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