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Dr. H. Jay Siskin Ph.D.
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Dr. H. Jay Siskin Ph.D.
Adjunct French Instructor

Jay and his dogs
Jay, Dean and Pom

Ph.D., French; Ph.D. candidate, Medieval Jewish History
With Cabrillo College since 1998

Bonjour! Welcome to French 1!

--> Please note that Cabrillo is in the process of changing section designations, which might cause a bit of confusion. FR 1-3 (101851) is indeed the initial semester of the language sequence.

My name is Jay Siskin. Although I have recently retired, I maintain a strong interest in the teaching of French language and French-speaking cultures. During our course, we will be watching videos dealing with such topics as the educational system in France; the status of French in Québec and Louisiana; and the French colonial influence on Sénégal. Of course, I don't neglect French pastry and cuisine! Language cannot be properly studied outside of a cultural context.

My course will also give you a solid foundation in vocabulary and grammatical structures, presented and practiced within a communicative framework.

I look forward to meeting you in the Fall!

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