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Phone: 831.726.2193
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Office Hours: Spring 2018
T/TH noon-12:45
Location: VAPA3012

Art Studio

Sylvia Rios
Art Instructor Ceramics

Sylvia Rios

With Cabrillo College since 2004

People are an endless source of inspiration, insight and surprises. Teaching brings me a great deal of joy.
I love creating sculptural work and functional pottery using hand building techniques and on the potter's wheel.
Clay holds a fascination for me due to its remarkable integrity of form and surface, the spontaneity with which it can be worked, as well as its durability and usefulness. I love working with a pallet of color, light and texture, as well as the interactions between the clay, glaze and fire. These are the tools for creating poetry in the visual language of Ceramics.

Please visit my website at to see more of my work, student work, college activities and links of interest.

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