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Dr. Ekua R. Omosupe Ph.D.
Phone: 831.477.5667
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Office Hours: Spring 2019 Office Hours:
MW 9:40 to 11:00 AM
T/TH 12:45 to 2:00 PM
Location: 518A

Academic CouncilEnglish

Dr. Ekua R. Omosupe Ph.D.
English Instructor

B.A. English Lit.; M.A. American Lit.; Ph.D. American Lit.
With Cabrillo College since 1992

If you are interested in a student centered classroom, come and work with me in English 1 A and in English 2. We have a vigorous curriculum in each class. We will focus on issues of social justice, history (past and present), social myths that generate ignorance, misinformation, stereotypes, fear, and manipulation in our daily lives. The ideologies that construct our nation and us, its citizenry, is very powerful and unrelenting. They wear on our psyches and dictate our day to day living. Do you know what some of those ideologies are? Let's explore together, deconstruct them, and seek solutions! We will read, write, view videos, and have critical discussions as part of our "problem posing education" and critical thinking classroom. I am looking forward to learning with you! See you there.

Dr. Omosupe

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