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David Alan Sheftman
Phone: 831.477.5652
Email: Send a Message
Office Hours: Fall 2018
For ENGL 2 section 1: Tuesdays in CANVAS from 10-11:00 am using the Chat app.
For ENGL 2 section 2: Thursdays in CANVAS from 10:00-11:00 am using the Chat app.
For ENGL 1A we meet every Wednesday at my office on Aptos Campus, room 511C, from 11:20-12:20.
For ENGL 101A we meet every Monday at my office on Aptos Campus, room 511C, from 11:20-12:20 pm.
Location: 511C

Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers (CCFT)English

David Alan Sheftman
English Instructor; English Dept; BELA Division

picture of David Sheftman
David Sheftman

BA English, Marist College; MA, English SFSU
With Cabrillo College since 2000

Welcome to Fall 2018 at Cabrillo College. I look forward to working with you on your academic literacy skills.

In ENGL 2 online we are exploring tribalism from a variety of academic perspectives: economics, politics, psychology, history, and sociology (to name a few). We'll also fold in how communications technologies influence tribalism through our reading of Neil Postman's book Amusing Ourselves to Death.

In 1A and 101A our course theme is leadership; we'll read a lot about leadership from diverse perspectives using our main anthology The Leaders Companion.

Please do contact me at if you have any questions. I look forward to our working together.


David Sheftman
ENGL Instructor
Cabrillo College

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