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Location: 433D

Curriculum CommitteePhilosophy

Claudia R Close
PHILO Instructor and Program Chair

Hypatia of Alexandria

M.A. Philosophy, University of California at Riverside
With Cabrillo College since 1992

Spring 2015 Class Schedule (all in Room 322):

9:30a - 10:50a Philo.4 Intro. to Philosophy
11:10a - 12:30p Philo.10 Ethics
12:40p - 2:00p Philo. 17 Latin American Philosophy

9:30a - 10:50a Philo.4 Intro. to Philosophy
12:40p - 2:00p Philo.4 Intro. to Philosophy

Study Sessions for Ethics - PHILO 10 Exam 3:
Wednesday, 13th May. 3:00p - 4:20p Room 425
Friday, 15th May. 10:00p - 12:00p Room 425

Study Sessions for Intro to Philosophy - PHILO 4 Exam 4:
Wednesday, 13th May. 4:30p - 5:50p Room 425
Friday, 15th May. 12:30p - 2:30p Room 425

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