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Nicole L Crane
Biology Instructor

Nicole Crane
Nicole Crane

BS Biology, MSc Marine Sciences, MA (Research) Science Education
With Cabrillo College since 2005

My main academic and research interests are in field biology and conservation biology with an emphasis in ecology and marine conservation. I teach Plant Biology & Ecology (Bio 1C), Marine Biology (Bio 11B) and Environmental Science (ES 10). I believe in helping students learn to DO biology, and understand the process in addition to the facts of science. I welcome ALL students, and am committed to fostering success and enjoyment of biology, as well as preparation for future careers and education.

My research and field work includes temperate and tropical reef monitoring, marine conservation and management, fish biology, stream ecology, plant communities, marine mammal ecology, and recruitment and retention in the sciences - in particular those students underrepresented in the sciences. I am an avid scuba diver and dive instructor, and my family and I enjoy travel to Central and South America, Africa, and the South Pacific for both research and fun! Our main field project is the One People One Reef project in the outer islands of Micronesia:

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