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Nancy Carroll
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Office Hours: Spring 2019 Online Wed. 6PM-8PM
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Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers (CCFT)Criminal Justice and CorrectionsPublic Safety

Nancy Carroll
CJ Instructor

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Master's Emergency Administration 2006, B.A. Psychology, FBI National Academy
With Cabrillo College since 2000

Executive Director 2009/2010
California College and University Police Chief's Association

Retired Asst. Police Chief, University of California Santa Cruz. (2008)
29 years Law Enforcement Experience serving in patrol,investigations and administration.

Spring 2019 CJ 12 Contemporary Issues in LE

INSTRUCTOR Nancy Carroll Office: 1601

Cell: 588-0875
e-mail: or


CJ 12

INSTRUCTOR Nancy Carroll Office : Online

Cell: 588-0875

This course is an online Distance Education Course. The student should already be familiar with Canvas Learning System.

Designed to analyze issues of immediate concern to the justice system including domestic violence, recruitment, police review, drug and narcotic abuse, controversial prosecutions and voter initiatives directed at the criminal justice system.

TEXTBOOK: No Text Required

At the end of the course students should be able to:

1. Analyze and evaluate new legislation related to the criminal justice system
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of current legislation related to drugs, gangs and domestic violence.

Course Requirements/Learning Assessment
1. Online research assignments – 4 papers, 3 to 4 pages for discussion on line. Student must participate to pass this class.
25 pts each Total 100 Points
2. Participation in discussion forums on current events. 150 Points
3. Midterm Exam on Lessons Assignments 50 Points
4. In depth Final Group Project on a topic chosen from a list created by the Instructor 100 Points

Extra Credit (arranged with the instructor) 50 points

I use a “traditional” grading system.

90-100% A – Superior
80-89% B – Very good
70-79% C – Acceptable
60-69% D – Below college-level work
59% F – Failure to approach college-level work


1. Class Paper. The papers will cover topics researched from on line assignments. The paper should be at least 3-4 pages, double spaced.

2. Classroom presentation. In order to obtain an “A” in this course you must participate in a group presentation online. The presentation will be on a topic from a list that the instructor has compiled. In order to obtain maximum points the presentation should be well presented by using a variety of methods, i.e. PowerPoint, video, demonstration. The presentation will be between 5-10 minutes long, accompanied by a paper.

3. Final : Presentations will be final

My expectations of you:
Login to class weekly with positive attitude and an open mind prepared to discuss topics from online assignments.
Complete weekly assignments.

Treat other people with respect; be considerate

A Note on Academic Honesty: While I encourage the formation of study groups for this class and want you to help each other to succeed, I also expect that each student will do his or her own work. It’s great to talk with each other about the course content, but it is not O.K. for you to use your friend’s work product. Think and talk with each other; write by yourself. If you are caught copying or cheating, then you may receive an “F”: in the class.

Instances of plagiarism on assignments or take-home essays (presenting the words or ideas of another author as your own – without citation) could also result in your receiving no credit for the class. All you have to do to avoid this is to write your own paper and when you DO use the words or ideas of another author, simply tell where you got that information in a footnote.

ATTENDANCE: Weekly login/attendance is need in order to do well in this course. Regardless of reasons, if you have an excessive number of absences (more than two weekly sessions) you should expect to be dropped from the class. If you think that you will miss more than this amount of classes during the semester, then you should consider dropping class. If you decide to drop the class, then you are responsible for dropping it officially.

*I encourage students with disabilities, including “invisible” disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning, and psychological disabilities, to explain their needs and appropriate accommodations to me during my office hours. Please email a verification of your disability from the Learning Skills or DSP&S offices and a counselor or specialist’s recommendation for accommodating your needs.
For further information on obtaining an accommodation should contact the Accessibility Support Center (ASC) at 479-6379 so that they may help the student fill out an accommodation form.

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