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Fees (Refunds)

 Refunds for dropping a course 
Approximately 8 weeks after the refund deadline. TBA Refunds issued*
Fall 2015 - Full 16 week course

September 11th in person | September 12th online

Begins September TBA
Short term course (Including Summer) by 10% of class meetings, usually the first day of class within 30 days
*We charge a $10 processing fee for refunds, except for cancelled classes and fees collected in error.


If you paid your fees via WebAdvisor using a credit card within the last 120 days, we will refund the card. In all other cases refunds will be delivered in the way the students choose for their Higher One account - Easy Refund to the Cabrillo Access Debit card or Electronic Funds Transfer to the student's bank account.

Were you billed for classes you forgot to drop? If you enroll in a class and then change your mind and decide not to attend it, you are required to officially drop the class before the refund deadline. Otherwise you will owe Cabrillo College for the fees. We do not automatically drop you from classes you have not paid.

Parking Permit Refunds: Return the parking permit to Student Affairs or Admissions & Records in person by the appropriate deadline above to be eligible for a refund. Unfortunately we cannot issue you a refund after the deadline, even if you never picked up the parking permit.

Refund or Credit of the Student Activity Card Fee: We will only refund the Student Activity Card Fee if you drop all your classes before the first day of the term. Otherwise, we will apply a credit to your account for the amount of the fee. The College Bank does not issue refunds for under $10, but you can use the credit to pay other fees or apply it the following term. Before the beginning of the term, you may decline the fee in WebAdvisor by clicking "Decline Student Activity Card Benefits" under the Student Menu. To decline the fee in person, stop by Student Affairs office before the end of the add period and file a Petition to Decline Benefits form. If you have any questions about the fee contact the Student Senate at (831) 479-6231.

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