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Fees - Summer Sessions

Fees are set by the California legislature and are subject to change, even if you have already paid us. California is one of the few states of the union that continues to provide widespread access to college-level education by keeping fees low. You can participate in this and other legislative decisions that affect you by registering to vote.

Fees are due 5 days after registering for any class. Failure to pay may result in a delinquent account. If your account is delinquent you may not add more courses, drop existing courses or request transcripts. Click on Payment Options for information about paying your fees.

California residents pay an enrollment fee of $46 per unit.


In addition, Cabrillo assesses the following fees during Summer and Winter Sessions:


Health Services Fee - $18
Supports the Student Health Center. You may be exempt from this fee if you depend upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona fide religious sect, denomination, or organization OR if you are attending under and approved apprenticeship program.
Transportation fee - $20
Cabrillo students recently held an election and voted to impose a mandatory transporatation fee of $40 per student per semester ($20 Summer Session). The fee provides each student with a bus pass valid seven days a week, providing Santa Cruz Metro bus service throughout Santa Cruz County with transfers to Monterey-Salinas Transit. Students will simply show their Cabrillo ID card with a current semester sticker to ride the bus. Stickers will be available in the Welcome Center (SAC West.)
Other Fees - Materials etc.
Some courses charge additional fees to cover class expenses such as clay, paint, etc. See the course description in the Schedule of Classes to see whether any additional fees apply.
Student Activities Card - $10
If you would like a Student Activities Card for Summer you may opt-in while registering for classes online using WebAdvisor. For more information click here.


The following fees are optional:


Parking Permit - $40 / $20 BOG
Lets you to park in student lots in Watsonville and Aptos. You do not need one in Scotts Valley. Learn more about parking permits...
 Example: 3 units - California Resident 
3 units x $46 per unit*
Health Services Fee
Transportation fee
Student Activities Card
Total cost
*Tip: Fee waivers are available to pay the Enrollment Fee (see Financial Aid). If you qualify, your total cost for 6 units would be only mandatory student fees.


Out of State residents pay an additional $265 per unit.


Learn more about California residency...


 Example: 3 units - Out of State Resident 
Out of State Resident Tuition
3 units x $(46+265) per unit
Health Services Fee
Transportation Fee
Student Activities Card
Total cost


International students pay an additional $265 per unit.


The Capital Outlay Fee ($2) may be waived for economic hardship, or for vicitims of persecution or discrimination in their home countries.



 Example: 3 units - International Student  
International Student Tuition
3 units x $(2+46+265) per unit
Health Services Fee
Transportation Fee
Student Activity Card
Total cost
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