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What if the section I want is full?

Add the class in Student Planning. If the class is full you will be offered the chance to add yourself to the waitlist. Once you have sucessfuly added yourself the class will appear to the left of your timeline and the blue button at the bottom of that section will change to say "Drop from Waitlist." (The blue button always changes to show the current option available, for you, for that class. For example, "Register," "Drop," "Add to Waitlist," or "Drop from Waitlist." If you require in-person assistance, we would be happy to assist you at one of our lobby computers. If the waitlist is full, keep checking back to try to get on it.

If space becomes available and you are the next person on the waitlist, you will be eligible to register in that class section. You will receive an email letting you know, and giving you the expiration date of your permission to register.

You are not automatically registered when space opens up. Instead we give you 5 calendar days from the time space becomes available to register.

If you fail to register during this window, we will drop you from the waitlist. This cannot be undone even if you were unable to receive emails at the time you received permission to register

How will I know if space becomes available?

It is your responsibility to register if a space becomes available to you. The only notice you will get will be an email letting you know that you have permission to register. If you have permission to register, go to Student Planning, the blue button will now say "Register", and you can complete the registration process

Student Planning may not let you register if you are repeating a course, don't meet the prerequisites, or the class overlaps with another. Contact us at (831) 479-6100 to see if you need to register in person.

As a courtesy, we will notify you by email when you become eligible to register for the section. Do we have your correct email address? If you need to change it, use the Change of Information Form.

What if no space becomes available?

You might still have a chance! Attend the first class session and talk with the instructor. If there's room, obtain an add code from the instructor and use it to register for the class in Student Planning. Click here for help using Add Authorization from the instructor.

What if I received permission to register in one co-requisite course but not the other?

Student planning will only allow you to register online if you have permission in both co-requisite courses. If you gained permission to register in a lecture course with a lab co-requisite with no open seats, you MUST register for both sections in-person at an Admissions & Records Office. If you received permission to register in the lab section with a lecture co-requisite with no open seats, you will not be allowed to register unless a lecture seat becomes available. Examples of this situation are Spanish 1 with a lab co-requisite of Spanish 51L and English 1A with a lab co-requisite of Library 10.

Can I get on multiple waitlists for different sections of the same course?

No. In Addition, you may not be registered in one class section and waitlisted for another class section of the same course, even in two different terms. For example, if you are on the waitlist for BIO 6 for the summer term and you then register for BIO 6 in the fall, you will be dropped from the summer waitlist.


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