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  Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab - PACKET (pdf)    


Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab Instructions
Due Date: December 10 by 4:00 p.m.

Art 50L is designed to complement and enhance the art class in which you are concurrently enrolled. It is required for two semesters for continuing art students. Note: Students enroll in Art 50L only once per semester, even if they are taking two or more art classes. Read and follow directions in order to receive credit! This lab is .5 units of credit.

  • Before You Begin:
    Art 50L is a separate class from your art class, check your registration receipt to be sure you are enrolled in Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab.

  • What You Must Do!
    View and correctly document 12 public art exhibitions and document either 2 lectures or documentary films or one of each. Exhibition viewings should always be done in person during the semester you are enrolled. Please print clearly and turn in by the due date, December 12 before 4:00 pm, to the Cabrillo Gallery.

• Exhibitions: Choose no more than one piece per exhibit – original artwork only
• Lectures / Documentary Films: Choose lectures or films (outside of class – on or off campus) pertaining to the arts: art history, a movement in art, a particular artist, or group of artists

  • What Works:
    1. Commercial Art Galleries, College galleries, non-profit galleries, alternative spaces. (one report per exhibit)
    2. Museums (1 viewing per exhibition -with a maximum of 6 viewings per museum)
    3. Open Studios (limit 6)
    4. Art Fairs and Festivals (1 booth/artist per event)
    5. Cafes and Restaurants (limit 6 - one report per venue)
    6. Murals and public art (1 per city)
    7. Exhibits in the Cabrillo Gallery (one report per exhibit)

  • What Doesn’t Work:
    1. Incomplete forms: fill the form out completely or you will receive a no credit.
    2. Reproduction or poster galleries (always choose original artwork), card shops, clothing stores
    3. Web sites or virtual galleries
    4. No Cabrillo College (Aptos campus) display cases
    5. Your room, a friends house, etc.
    6. In-class reports lectures and documentary films
    7. Performing arts (such as music, dance or theatre)
    8. Tattoos, or tattoo parlor

If you have any questions concerning your Art 50L Gallery Viewing Lab, please contact us:
Cabrillo Gallery
Room 1002, Library Building 1000
Telephone: 831.479.6308, Email the Cabrillo Gallery
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday and Tuesday: 7 - 9 p.m.


Suggested ART 50L Art Viewing Spaces
This is a suggested list of art viewing spaces. Explore - art is everywhere!

Art Documentary Films: SPARK

Local Art Listing and First Friday Art Tour Santa Cruz