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Placement and Planning at Cabrillo College

What is the Placement Process?

Welcome to Cabrillo College! We understand that starting or returning to college is a big step and it may be confusing to know which classes to begin with. Cabrillo College uses Guided Self-Placement to help you decide which math, English, or English as a Second Language (ESL) courses to take first. A new California Law, Assembly Bill 705, enables all students to have the right to take transfer level English, ESL and most Math classes right away, which reduces the time and money you’ll spend to achieve your goals. With this in mind, we would like to provide you with course information so that you can make the best choices for your academic needs.

How does it work?

We ask you a few questions about your high school courses and GPA. Don’t remember your GPA? This GPA guide will help you figure out your GPA. This information is used to create specific placement recommendations designed for your success. These recommendations are based on nation-wide research that breaks recommended course formats into GPA ranges for the highest possible success rates. Remember, these are only recommendations, students always have the choice. You will NOT be blocked from taking English 1A, ESL 1A, or most transfer level math.

Who Needs to do Guided Self-Placement?

We recommend that everyone take a some time to learn about their options and recommendations before deciding which courses to take. It’s easy, and participating in Guided Self-Placement may also help you get an earlier registration date! During this process, you will learn about the various formats of transfer level English, ESL and math courses. You will decide what format is best for you based on your major, your learning style and what preparation you feel you need for your success. In order to receive the most accurate recommendations it is in your best interest that this information be accurate. Again, remember, these are only recommendations, you always have the choice.

Who can skip Guided Self-Placement?

  • Any student taking a class for personal or professional enrichment, who does not want to work toward a degree, certificate or transfer to a university. Change your mind? If your plans change in the future, and you decide to work toward a degree or certificate, then come back and do Guided Self-Placement. Remember, finishing Guided Self- Placement may help you get an earlier registration date.
  • Students who have successfully completed degree applicable math, English and ESL courses or have earned an Associate Degree or higher do not need to complete this process. It is important to send us your official transcripts to clear prerequisites.

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