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Internships and Work Experience

The Internship and Work Experience office assists students with participation in internships and work experience. The staff advises and assists students with finding internships and employment and help them prepare and enroll to get academic credit. They also help employers address workforce needs, including development, recruiting and staffing, and mentorship of internship and employment placements in accordance with Career Education and Academic programs at Cabrillo College.

Work experience can include traditional part-time or full-time employment, internships or volunteer experience. The work-experience internship program helps students identify what kind of experience would best suit their needs and assists in preparing, searching and applying for positions available in their field of interest. Students can earn academic credit and receive advising from Cabrillo College faculty to develop individualized learning goals.

A quality internship will be tailored to a student or recent graduate in a particular field of study to provide hands-on, supervised job training by a professional in the field. An internship will identify specific learning outcomes with clear action steps needed to achieve outcomes. It has a clear start and finish date and schedule determined upon hire. An internship can be as short as a few weeks to up to a year in length, but typically fall in the 3-6 month range. Internships can be either paid or unpaid.

How Employers Can Get Involved

Employers interested in learning more about recruiting interns and employees at Cabrillo College can work directly with our staff. If interested, the Internship and Work Experience Instructor will assist employers in developing job and internship positions, identifying programs at the college relevant to their workforce needs, and recruiting through our online Employment and Internship tools as well as direct outreach.

The IWE office can assist employers to ensure the experience will be tailored to provide quality and legally compliant opportunities to build a workforce pipeline for their business. To get started, contact us.

Posting Internships or Work Experience

The staff is here to assist employers to develop and post jobs and employment opportunities. If you are interested in recruiting from Cabrillo, click here to get started.


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