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Distance Education

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Guidelines for the DE Faculty Evaluation Process

The faculty evaluation process is one opportunity for faculty teaching distance and hybrid courses to get feedback. As an evaluator, you need to know that the process is slightly different and what you look for during the class visitation is adapted to the online environment.


  • Notification of evaluation
  • Request the online Student Evaluation of Online Instructor Form be distributed to students in the class
  • Visit the online class
  • Use data from the Student Evaluation Form and visitation observations to write the evaluation


Contract and Regular Faculty (App J.3)

Adjunct (App J.4)


  • This is a Survey Monkey form that you request from the Planning and Research Office (PRO).
  • Email PRO and copy the TLC Coordinator(s) the following information:
    • Name of faculty being evaluated, and section number of online course to be visited.
    • Include how long students have to complete the form; start and end dates.

The faculty member OR TLC Coordinator(s) can send each student the link to the evaluation form with a request they complete it by the end date designated.




The evaluation period is flexible and should be determined between the evaluator and the instructor being evaluated. For example, an evaluator could choose a week to observe, and, over the course of the week, examine how the instructor delivers course content and interacts with the students.

An evaluator accessing courses using the Canvas Learning Management System will be assigned a Student Role to log in.

Use the following guide for your class visitation:

NOTE: Article 17.3 of the CCFT Contract includes reference to evidence of "regular effective contact" in distance courses:

The instructor:

  1. regularly initiates interaction with students to determine that they are accessing and comprehending course materials;
  2. is available at least the same number of instructor contact hours per week that would be available for face-to-face students; and
  3. establishes and publishes, in the course syllabus or other course documents, an expectation for frequency and timeliness of instructor initiated contact and instructor feedback. The instructor uses one or more of the following resources to initiate and maintain contact with students: threaded discussions, email, announcements in the learning management system, timely feedback for student work, instructor prepared online lectures or introductions in the form of online lectures to any publisher created materials, that combined with other course materials, created the “virtual equivalent” of the face-to-face class.

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