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Location: 6500 Soquel Dr, Aptos
Building 100, Office 104
Phone: 831.477.3381

Student Equity & Success Committee

Why the Committee?

The Student Equity and Success Committee provides direction for the efforts, implementation, and evaluation of the ongoing Student Equity Plan. The Plan is intended to help foster student engagement and guide teaching practices, as well as foster an inclusive and equitable campus environment. The Committee has representatives from each of the related programs who act as area representatives, providing feedback regarding mandates, applicable legislation, and needs.

Meeting Minutes

The Committee meeting minutes are publicly available and updated regularly. Click here to see the archive.

Student Equity Plans

Each year, the Student Equity and Success Committee outlines an Equity Plan. This plan articulates goals for the upcoming year and helps direct the activities that will make Cabrillo College an institution committed to equity. Aspects of the plan include developing new and existing programs and services to better serve the equity needs of students, such as creating internal processes that give more structure to the approval, funding, and assessment of various equity proposals and sponsoring college-wide events and ongoing efforts to make Cabrillo’s plans and services more inclusive for the entire community.

Student Equity Plan (2015-16)

Student Equity Plan (2014-15)

Our Current Student Equity Plan goals:

  1. Student Equity Coordination and Planning: Formulating and bringing together the Student Equity and Success Committee. Refining and improving transparency and accountability in the project application process. Ensuring there are staff committed to the equity mission and available to students.
  2. Outreach: South County within-reach coordination, special events days, Spanish language marketing efforts, and programs to better serve AB 540 Dreamer students.
  3. Instructional Support Activities: Supplementing existing programs in STEM and tutoring, expanding supplemental instruction and services to students with disabilities, and working to expand library hours and reference services.
  4. Student Services Programs: Enhancing services for Foster Youth and Veterans, supporting ongoing mentorship programs, and increasing counseling services.
  5. Curriculum and Courses Development and Adaptation: Major and ongoing efforts in developing equity projects in Basic Skills programs and acquiring new ESL assets.
  6. Direct Student Support: Special funding for Veterans with childcare expenses.
  7. Research and Evaluation: Expanding the role of the Planning and Research Office (PRO) in designing and assessing equity programs.
  8. Professional Development: Coordinate professional collaborations on equity projects, convening with student focus groups, improving reading instruction, and organizing campus events with key speakers on equity, social justice, and multicultural education.

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