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Facilities Application & Process

 Extension Office
Phone: 831.479.6331
Fax: 831.477.5239
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9-5
Location: #2100A
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PLEASE NOTE: The College will not formally reserve a space until the Applicant confirms that the organization is scheduling the space and payment is received in full.

Facility Renters user shall complete a Cabrillo College Facility Use Application and submit it to the Cabrillo College Extension office.

    1. Applications should be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the first requested event date. New requestors are required to pay a $20.00 application fee. An additional $20.00 fee may be charged for applications or changes submitted less than ten (10) added business days before an event. Facilities will not be scheduled more than four months (one semester) in advance. Applications received more than 4 (four) months in advance may be returned or held for processing until publication of the next Cabrillo College class schedule. Submitting an application does not guarantee facility use. Permission to use district facilities shall not be granted for a period to exceed one (1) fiscal year (July-June).

    2. Applications must include all requested facilities, equipment, and set-up requirements. Equipment not listed on the approved application may not be used.

    3. The application must be signed by an authorized agent of the organization. If the individual is a member of the group, then written authorization to represent the group must be presented. Each person signing the application shall, as a condition of use, agree to be held financially responsible in the case of loss or damage to the District property.

Contract fees will be based upon facility requested, set-up, required personnel,  and equipment required as determined by the Classification of Groups and the Fee Schedule.

  1. The Cabrillo Extension office will arrange for maintenance, custodial services, technical support, athletic coordination, parking permits, and other personnel as needed and outlined in the contract.

  2. Contracts to use the facilities are for the dates and times specified only. Cabrillo College assumes no obligation in the event that users request a change of either dates or times. The users shall not arrive before the time authorized on the contract and shall leave the college premises at the contract expiration (departure) time.

  3. A Certificate of Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming Cabrillo College as the additionally insured must be received at least five (5) business days prior to the requested use. If not received, the event will be cancelled. (See C.1)

  4. Once the contract is signed by facility user and representative of Cabrillo College, this contract will serve as the use permit.

Download the Facility Use Rental Application

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