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Financial Aid Processing Timelines

The complete process can take 4-6 months!
Step 1 File a FAFSA at
Step 2 FAFSA results are sent to student and school.
1-3 weeks if filed online!
Step 3 Financial Aid enters data, awards California College Promise Grant (formerly known as BOG) if eligible, and sends acknowledgment email with document request to student. Students with no grant eligibility are notified by email.
1-2 weeks
Step 4 Student submits ALL requested documents.
??? Weeks? Days? This depends on you!

During peak processing periods (April-September),
timelines could be doubled for steps 5-8

Step 5 Financial Aid receives documents and posts to WebAdvisor. Email update #2 is sent.
1 week
Step 6 File is reviewed, eligibility is determined, and discrepancies resolved.
(Steps 4, 5 & 6 are repeated for discrepancies.)
up to 4 weeks
Step 7 Awards are processed and Award letter notification is emailed.
1-2 weeks
Step 8 Awards are disbursed through Bankmobile Cards and Bankmobile!
1-2 weeks
Making unnecessary corrections on FAFSA and/or submitting incorrect forms will cause delays!

*Processing times are approximate*

Disbursement Timelines

Disbursement dates depend on when your completed file is reviewed. Students awarded before the midpoint of the semester will be awarded in two disbursements. Students awarded after the midpoint of the term will be awarded in one disbursement.

Awards will be posted to your Bank Mobile Vibe Card or deposited into your bank account depending on which refund preference option you chose with Bank Mobile Vibe at If no action is taken to select a refund preference, a check will be mailed to the address in your WebAdvisor account after one month.

Cabrillo Scholarships: If you have been awarded a scholarship, it will be disbursed the week before the start of the term unless enrollment verification is required. Scholarships requiring enrollment verification will be disbursed within two weeks of the receipt of your enrollment verification. For more information on the Cabrillo General Scholarship visit:

For Summer term, students are awarded once enrolled; however, disbursements are made towards the end of the summer session to ensure correct enrollment status and award amounts. No adjustments are made once you have been awarded.


Fall 2017 Second Disbursement Date: October 26, 2017

Spring 2018 Second Disbursement Date: March 22, 2018

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